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What is inductive lock? What are its characteristics

by:FUYU     2020-03-05
Inductive lock has developed to a certain extent in European and American countries, and has become an indicator to measure the quality of life and life. However, the development of induction lock in China is still in the primary stage, especially some induction lock brand products whose technology has not developed to maturity. With the continuous deepening of China's opening up, the development of high-end buildings is very fast, and the prospect of high-end lock market is optimistic. Inductive lock is commonly used on doors, such as the door with magnetic card at the entrance of the community, the door in the hotel room, etc. The following describes what inductive lock is and what its features are. 1. Classification of inductive lock. Inductive lock generally uses various 'cards' as the key. No matter how many kinds of cards are, according to the operation mode of input card, it can be divided into contact card and non-contact card. At present, the mature price of contact card technology is relatively low, and it is widely used; the non-contact card is easy to use, so it has the potential to catch up. 2 advantages of inductive lock. The large amount of stored information is the advantage of the inductive lock card. It not only serves as a key, but also can load a number of personal information. It is especially suitable for the financial industry to pay attention to the industry characteristics of 'verifying the real body'. Moreover, the multi-purpose use of one card (such as entry unlocking storage and payment) brings the convenience of the cardholder. To use this type of electronic anti-theft lock, you need to carefully keep the card. If you lose the authorization of the card, you must cancel it as soon as possible. 3 disadvantages of inductive lock. There are many kinds of inductive locks, and the security is different. The low-end products, such as the access card in the community, which costs several yuan each, have poor security. In addition, the card, like the key, cannot be forgotten or lost, so there is no advantage that other smart locks do not need to be carried, and the card is more vulnerable to damage than the key. Tips 1: test the sensitivity of the inductive key card. After repeatedly and continuously inserting the card or sensing key card to open the door, it shall operate normally, and there shall be no 'no response' or 'error' or 'disorderly rotation of the motor'. 2. Understand the static power consumption of inductive door lock. First check the sensitivity of induction lock, then understand the static power consumption of induction lock. Because the general induction door locks are powered by dry batteries, some brands can use four batteries of induction door locks for more than one year in a row, while some brands can change batteries in less than one month. Frequent battery change will seriously affect the use. 3 pay attention to the quality of cards. The card of inductive lock can be divided into IC card TM card magnetic card. Now the most commonly used is IC contact door lock. The IC card door lock generally uses Siemens card. At present, there are many business card printing enterprises. Many smart lock factories choose smaller card factories to make cards, which can not guarantee the quality of chips. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of the card, it is recommended to select the brand manufacturers with strong strength.
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