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What is intelligent lock factory tell you move the door

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-14

Intelligent lock factory tell you what move door lock is 1. Move door lock is the unified standard of installation? Move the door lock, because it is installed in the convenience of unified standard, so after buying the immigration lock, first check whether can be installed. Therefore, in the choice to move the door lock style or model, usually need to according to the thickness of the door of the house or installed the thickness of the door to move to the right door lock. Usually, the specification of 35 mm to 50 mm. At this time, the screw on the wooden door lock body need. Second, the panel and lock body matching, and slowly placed inside the lock to adjust the distance between the panel and screw. Finally, you need to debug open conditions, in order to see if the snake lock free shrinkage. If the contract is free, has said he is free to apply for, but if there is a snake, should change in time, can appear otherwise, inconvenient to open the door, lock the door when you leave. When the door. 2. Move the door lock is how to install? First of all, the door lock installation is relatively simple, but first must pay attention to, can't immediately when debugging tighten all the screws on the panel. Above all, want to make some slow adjustment, please adjust all the folding lock on the panel, if you can meet these requirements, the flexibility contract? Proved to some extent, the installation is relatively simple, flexible and complete. Then, in the case of move the door lock installation, first you need to determine the opening direction of the door. That should pay attention to the direction of the buckles and the direction of the bolt. Then, you can install the lock, lock in has been pulled out of position, and then placed in a certain extent, the lock release liner, in order to ensure the lock hook alignment. Then, the knob on the panel and stone panel on the two screw holes and two stud on external panel alignment. External fixation after the examination of the other. Attention should be paid to the second thing is that it is very appropriate, not too high or too low, so as not to open the door or close the door. In fact, after the installation is complete, buckle box must be connected to the buckle. After the installation is complete, it is necessary to check the parts whether can work normally, and open the door lock tongue is smooth. The only sure smooth, tighten all bolts. In a nutshell, what is move the door lock, it is a type of lock, is composed of simple type, so it is widely used in various types of door. So, I told him how to install installation and calibration of standard has certain understanding.
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