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What is mute mute principle of door lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-12
Mute lock is controlled by digital circuit, mute lock indoor mute door lock low voice loudness to 28. 8 decibels, 60% than ordinary locks to reduce noise. So you know what is mute mute principle of door lock? Mute locks the mute function is not so mysterious, as long as the mechanical parts ready the friction will reduce, and the role of lubrication on the noise will be reduced, principle is very simple, reduce the contact area of the internal components, be careful and reasonable, so the noise of the mute lock will reduce a lot of, if the effect of lubrication properly the mute can perfect realization. In electronic intelligence mute anti-theft locks as the leadership of the market products, in the community and is widely used in floor, makes the product suitable for installation and use anywhere, mute mute principle of door lock is mainly to share these above, all of us at the time of using mute door lock, should know it is the principle of correct use of mute door lock.
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