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What is the advantage of smart door lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-15
Smart door lock is refers to the difference between the traditional mechanical lock improved, on the basis of the user security, recognition, manageability is more intelligent handle locks. So you know what is the advantage of smart door lock? Here to share the advantages of intelligent door locks are as follows: 1, safety: ordinary mechanical lock keys can be copied, others owners do not trust, after using fingerprint uniqueness, no two complete fingerprints all over the world. 2, convenience: don't have to carry the key, and it is never lost the key, a person's fingerprint life unchanged, and an input fingerprint, can all his life. 3, can expand sex: 100 fingerprints can tolerate, and feel free to register the input fingerprint and delete fingerprints, the management of the fingerprint is very convenient, compared with the ordinary mechanical lock keys and key chagrin, particularly useful in the office occupancy and rental housing. 4, can set up 8 group password, and passwords peeping prevention function. And fast operation, the password can change at any time. 5, free of maintenance for a long time: general mechanical lock with short life time, had to break into the house, and based on smart door lock not breaks down. 6, fashion: fingerprint password technology is the developing direction of the locks, fashion, noble, the more young people like. 7, high identification rate: boomed from less than 0. 11%, false rate is less than 0. 001%, 360 ° in arbitrary Angle can be correct than a fingerprint. The advantages of smart door lock is more, these advantages are very obvious, we fuyu hardware of intelligent door locks mainly above these advantages.
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