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What is the advantage of zinc alloy door locks? - 21 years experience in the door, 500 kinds of styles

by:FUYU lock     2020-09-09
Life a lot of door lock is made of zinc alloy material, and occupied a large market share, many village, office use locks are zinc alloy material. So what are the advantages of zinc alloy door locks, widely loved by consumers for what reason? Take a look at the rich yu hardware specific share of small make up to you to do.     What is the advantage of zinc alloy door locks?     1, simple manufacturing process, and is suitable for mass production & emsp;   Zinc alloy door lock is usually made use of die casting technology, can be mass production by machine, the production efficiency is very high, every time shipments. In addition, still good plating zinc alloy material, after plating processing, zinc alloy surface is smooth, not bubble, showing spots, etc. , aesthetically pleasing.     2, design is rich, a variety of color optional & emsp;   Differs from that of stainless steel door lock single modelling, use zinc alloy material produced by the door can be processed into a variety of different modelling, meet the personalized needs of different consumers. And after plating processing, zinc alloy door locks with a variety of different color, common are: dumb black, sand nickel, bright chrome, PVD gold, green bronze, yellow bronze, red ancient, etc.     3, long service life, it is not easy to rust & emsp;   Locks on the common fault is rust, affect the normal function of use, low grade zinc alloy door lock itself will also have this problem, but in the high-end zinc alloy door lock, after plating processing, can be formed in the zinc alloy surface layers of dense layer, isolated from the air and zinc alloy direct contact, prolong service life.     4 and populist price, suitable for mass consumption & emsp;   Zinc alloy door locks the market price is not high, the market price is in commonly 50 - 100 yuan between, price will be affected by technology, brands and raw material prices and there are some fluctuations, compared with stainless steel and pure copper door locks, zinc alloy door lock is more according to the price advantage, is suitable for mass consumption.     Conclusion: the above is about 'what is the advantage of zinc alloy door locks' related are introduced, for ordinary people, the price is inexpensive, quality is fine enough, zinc alloy door lock is just meet these features. Fu yu hardware 21 years lock production experience, factory direct sale, design is rich, welcome consultation.
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