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What is the cause of the key failure?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-04
The failure of car key fob is a problem that many car owners have met. Now it is very common. We must find out what causes the failure of car key fob when we meet such a problem. How many causes will lead to the failure of car key in general? The company introduces that the car remote control key generally fails in the following situations: 1. The battery is dead or the battery is in poor contact, so it is advisable to replace the button battery once a year or so; if it is the problem of the car key, please pay attention to the maintenance of the car key. 2. The remote control is broken, and the time control module in the remote control key is out of order, so the remote control does not work. Just go to the maintenance station to check and repair it; 3. The antenna of the remote control transmitter on the vehicle is aging, which will also cause the remote control key to fail; 4. There is high-power electromagnetic interference in the surrounding environment, such as interference wave generated by the high-voltage line of the signal tower, which will affect the signal transmission of the remote control. Try not to stop around the transformer high-voltage wire and network base station. Signal shielding often occurs near the bank ATM. Some invisible underground optical cables, areas with geomagnetic changes and houses for storing large electronic equipment will also cause signal interference around. 5. Remote control signal of equipment in the vehicle. For example, the output frequency of onboard electronic equipment such as electronic dog recorder MP3 may interfere with the remote control signal of the vehicle, and the interference between the vehicle computer network control system and each other may also affect the reception of remote control signal. 6. New explosion-proof solar film shielding remote control number. In summer, car owners usually like to stick sunscreen on the front windshield, so when the car owner stands on the front of the vehicle and sends out the remote control command, the remote control door lock is prone to fail to respond. 7. Illegal elements send out new electronic signal interference. In this case, it is necessary to observe whether there is any suspicious person around, and then drive to another place to lock the car. At this time, the owner should enhance the awareness of prevention. The best way to prevent interference signals is to use the remote control lock to close the door, pull the door by hand to check whether it is locked, or simply use the ordinary key to lock the car.
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