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What is the difference between cheap and expensive smart locks?

by:FUYU     2021-11-19
Smart lock, we should be no stranger to it, more or less have a certain understanding of it. Compared with traditional mechanical locks, the advantages of smart locks are not only far stronger than traditional mechanical locks, but also bring great convenience to people's lives. As the smart lock market becomes more and more popular, it also attracts more and more consumers to buy smart locks. However, because the smart lock market is too hot, price wars have also followed. If the property tells you to choose any smart lock, the price is not limited, and the property is reimbursed. Then you can’t wait to buy the smart lock used by Bill Gates’ nursing home, because you believe that the smart lock he uses is the safest and the best. At this time, the price/performance ratio is not important. You don’t need it anyway. Spend money. But when it was the turn to pay for a smart lock, the four-digit smart lock still disliked the high price, and with a fluke, turned to the cheap three-digit smart lock. The price gap between smart locks is so big, what is the difference between cheap and expensive smart locks? First of all, we need to know that the low price of smart locks does not mean high cost performance. Because behind the low price, there are many secrets hidden. Many consumers who bought low-cost smart locks have a deep understanding of this. Within a few months, the fingerprints could not be recognized, and the mechanical keys also failed. This is a smart lock that brings convenience to life, but it brings troubles to life. . When they find a business, most businesses either make excuses to shirk their responsibilities, or delay and delay, or even go missing. This is the unstable factor brought about by cheap smart locks. First, the service life is short, the second is the safety risk, and the third is the after-sales guarantee. On the contrary, why smart locks are expensive? That is why it is expensive. Why do you say that? Let's understand in detail: 1. Good materials: The reason why smart locks are expensive is because the entire smart lock is from the core to the lock body. From the motor module to the fingerprint module, from every screw of the handle and even every spring, we will try our best to select first-class suppliers, choose high-quality components, and then assemble them through a professional assembly line. In terms of raw material selection, the cost is much higher than that of low-end, low-cost smart locks. The cost is high and the price is naturally very expensive. 2. Fine materials and workmanship: Expensive smart locks are carefully crafted, whether in polishing, electroplating, or other processes, as long as there is a small flaw in the process, it must be reworked or even discarded. 3. Hard functions: Expensive smart locks are not only rich and practical, but also stable and reliable. It is easy for customers to ignore this point. After the door is closed and locked, some criminals can destroy the peephole and use special tools to open the door lock from the inside. Many manufacturers of cheap smart locks have ignored this aspect of safety, or are simply unwilling to increase investment in this aspect due to cost reasons. 4. After-sales service is guaranteed: Your smart lock manufacturer is absolutely guaranteed in terms of service, not only dare to face product problems, but also to ensure that answers and solutions are given within 24 hours of product problems. Therefore, it makes sense to sell expensive, and the service to users is the enjoyment of stars. Branded smart locks are not only reliable in quality, but also guaranteed in service. Therefore, smart locks that look similar must choose smart locks with high brand awareness and good quality.
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