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What is the difference between fingerprint lock, electronic lock and mechanical lock?

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-07
Many friends who are renovating new houses and refurbishing old houses will suffer from 'difficulty in choosing' when buying door locks. Facing the dazzling array of locks in hardware and building materials stores, they are at a loss. At this time, they will come to encyclopedia to ask whether they want to buy. What kind of locks, buy ordinary mechanical locks or buy high-end electronic locks and smart locks? What is the difference between them? Today, the editor of Fuyu Electronic Lock intends to clarify this issue to everyone here. Remember Mark, and hope that you won’t be entangled again when you buy it next time. Mechanical locks, our most common ones are the locks on the indoor and outdoor doors of the home. They have handles and ball-shaped locks in appearance. They are similar to other types of locks. The most important thing we distinguish between electronic locks and smart locks is whether they are available. Electronic Component. Ordinary household indoor mechanical door locks, mechanical lock core electronic locks, as the name suggests, are locks with electronic components. Cards and code locks used in general hotels are the most common electronic locks. Although mechanical locks also have code locks, the electronic code locks with anti-theft alarm function overcome the shortcomings of mechanical code locks, such as the small amount of codes and poor safety performance. The code locks have greatly improved both in technology and performance. The smart lock, there is still a certain distance. The picture shows the hotel magnetic card type electronic lock smart lock. According to the latest industry authoritative report '2017-2020 China Smart Door Lock Technology and Analysis ReportInformation collection and human-computer interaction functions, and realize multi-dimensional digital processing and processing internally. In addition, its measurement standards must have either biometric authentication or networked cloud management performance before it can be called a smart door lock. At present, the main biometric technologies include fingerprints, faces, iris, and finger veins. Now smart door locks are mostly used in places with higher security requirements, such as military police, finance, companies, etc. With the improvement of people's living standards and the upgrading of consumption concepts, they are gradually entering the family's field of vision. The picture shows a smart lock with fingerprint and password functions. After understanding the difference between the three door locks, for ordinary consumers, which door lock should we choose? First of all, in terms of security, the mechanical locks on the market will be divided into many levels A, B, C. The level here actually refers to the level of the anti-theft lock cylinder, because the general thieves are caused by damaging the lock cylinder. Achieve the purpose. In fact, the anti-theft door lock cylinder is officially divided into two levels, namely A-level and B-level, but there are basically three levels on the market, namely A-level, B-level, and super B-level (also called C-level). Among them, the anti-destructive opening time of the A-level lock cylinder is greater than 15 minutes, and the anti-technical opening time is greater than 1 minute; the anti-destructive opening time of the B-level lock cylinder is greater than 30 minutes, and the anti-technical opening time is greater than 5 minutes; and the ultra-B level The anti-theft door lock core has an anti-technical opening time of more than 4 hours. General household mechanical door locks are mostly Grade A or Grade B due to cost, technology and other reasons. The retail price ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan. The manufacturers of electronic locks and smart locks mostly focus on safety, functionality, and functionality. Considering the market, a high-cost Super C-level lock core will be used, and the price is basically around RMB 2,000, 3,000. Electronic locks are slightly cheaper than smart locks. The reason that the security of electronic locks is lower than that of smart locks is that it lacks the technology of biometrics. Therefore, it can only be unlocked from the electronic level by relying on physical parameters when performing identification. It cannot be correctly identified as electronic in the face of simulated objects. The security of the lock is flawed. From the physical structure of the lock cylinder, the safety of mechanical locks is generally inferior to that of electronic locks and smart locks. The reason why most households still use mechanical locks is that smart lock products are still niche and not popular enough. People don’t know much about it. Also, due to price reasons, consumers’ consumption concepts cannot be changed for a while, and they are unwilling to be one. It cost thousands of dollars to lock the door. Therefore, in terms of safety, the overall arrangement of safety factors is smart lock>electronic lock>mechanical lock. In terms of convenience, mechanical locks require a key. Although electronic locks can be unlocked with a password, some electronic locks require a card. Smart locks can use fingerprints, face recognition, iris, finger veins and other human interaction methods. Unlock, so the one that can really achieve without the key is still the smart lock, in terms of convenience, it is still smart lock>electronic lock>mechanical lock. Of course, since the current smart lock market is not fully mature, there will be voices of doubts about smart lock products from time to time. The main reason is partly because the technology is immature, such as networked smart lock encryption (anti-hacking) technology, non-networked The quality of smart lock products varies (there is no clear industry standard). In addition, some people have misunderstandings about smart locks, such as whether they will be locked when they are out of power, whether passwords and fingerprints are easily cracked, etc. . Encyclopedia teachers will answer these questions slowly in the future. However, when we buy smart locks, we should still choose qualified products with large brands, good reputation, stable product quality, and guaranteed after-sales service to avoid many unnecessary troubles after purchase.
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