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What is the difference between optical vs capacitive fingerprint recognition?

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-06
For smart locks, fingerprint recognition is a frequently used module. It can be said that the experience of fingerprint recognition directly affects the user's impression of this smart lock and even the entire brand. Different from capacitive fingerprint recognition on smart phones, smart locks have a much longer history of using fingerprints, and the requirements for volume are looser than smart phones. Therefore, many smart locks on the market also use optical fingerprint recognition. Smart locks with optical fingerprint recognition are still very common. For these two fingerprint recognition solutions, there have been many technical articles to discuss. So in the actual experience, for ordinary users, what is the difference between these two types of fingerprint recognition? In terms of time, the speed of optical fingerprint recognition is slower than that of capacitive fingerprint recognition. Related tests have been made for the speed of fingerprint recognition. It can be clearly seen from the results that the fingerprint recognition speed of optical fingerprints is generally slower than capacitive fingerprint recognition. Some more. In terms of usage conditions, capacitive fingerprints are more sensitive to the water on your hands, which will directly affect the recognition success rate and even damage the recognition module. The resistance of optical fingerprints to dust and water is almost zero. In the Hengping test, the smart lock made of optical fingerprint recognition was completely wiped out in the dust fingerprint test, which has a very obvious gap with capacitive fingerprints. In terms of durability, the contact surface of capacitive fingerprints is relatively fragile, and it is easy to cause aging and damage due to time issues. The optical fingerprint recognition has passed the test of sufficient time, and even the glass plate on the recognition head does not need to be covered with coating. Optical fingerprints are more adaptable to the environment and are more suitable for use in the humid south, so in terms of durability, optical fingerprints Take a city back. In terms of security, capacitive fingerprints are inherently biometric. In Hengping, fake fingerprints are used for verification. There is no response from capacitive fingerprints, which can prevent the intrusion of fake fingerprints to a certain extent. Optical fingerprints, without exception, all unlocked smoothly through fake fingerprints. However, it should be noted that the difficulty of obtaining fake fingerprints is very high. It can be said that unless you deliberately leave a complete fingerprint on the mold, you cannot make a fake fingerprint tool that meets the requirements. With this technology, it is better to directly copy the key. Therefore, although optical fingerprints have certain disadvantages in this regard, the gap is not obvious, and they are all sufficiently safe.
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