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What is the difference between smart fingerprint lock and mechanical lock?

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-24
The smart fingerprint lock can be used by the majority of users, of course, because it has the characteristics that the traditional mechanical lock does not have. 1. Unlocking method Traditional door locks have a single unlocking method. The key cannot be left when you go out. If you drop the key in the house or lose it, it will be a tragedy. You have to find an unlocking company, and then you will have to pay for the replacement of the lock cylinder. , Don’t ask me why I know...   And there are many ways to unlock smart locks, you don’t need to bring the key, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to bring the key or losing the key. Fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, and magnetic card unlocking are very convenient, and you can also Choose a traditional mechanical key as a backup unlocking method.   In addition to those unlocking methods, smart locks can even allow family members to send temporary passwords through remote authorization to open them, so you are not afraid that you will not be able to enter the house.  2. Safeguard    Smart lock can not only set encrypted fingerprint to unlock, but also can monitor the door lock in the network state in real time through the mobile phone, and the dynamic changes of the door lock can be grasped. Smart door locks have a more complete protection mechanism than traditional mechanical locks. They can also sound an audible alarm and remote alarm when the door is pryed. Generally speaking, a thief will directly persuade a thief when he sees a smart lock that is extremely difficult to unlock. , The overall security is also improved.  What are the types of smart fingerprint locks?   Fingerprint locks can be roughly classified from three directions.  1. Door opening method    Smart fingerprint locks are mainly divided into push type and push pull type from the door opening method. The push type is closer to the traditional door opening method, while the push pull type is relatively more novel.  2. Fingerprint unlocking method   Smart fingerprint lock can be divided into optical recognition and semiconductor recognition according to the fingerprint recognition method. The same is fingerprint unlocking. The optical fingerprint recognition method is similar to the punch card machine. Generally, the price is lower and the structure is relatively simple. The fingerprint film method can be used to unlock the lock, and the overall safety factor is relatively low. The semiconductor fingerprint recognition structure is relatively complex, and the Apple mobile phone used It is semiconductor fingerprint recognition. This method not only has a higher recognition success rate, but also can effectively prevent the opening of fake fingerprints such as fingerprint films without leaving fingerprints.   At present, some smart door lock companies have developed multi-dimensional fingerprint recognition based on semiconductor fingerprint technology, which can identify fingerprints and unlock locks more quickly and accurately.  3. Divided by networking function    Early smart fingerprint locks generally do not have WiFi networking function, so try to avoid it when purchasing.  The smart fingerprint lock with WiFi networking function can not only unlock the lock remotely, but also monitor the status of the door lock in real time. It can be said that the smart fingerprint lock with the network function can achieve the complete body of the smart door lock!
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