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What is the distinguishing feature of insert core of hand lock - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-20
From ancient times to modern times, people has been high for safety consciousness, insert core of hand lock as household safety as a first line of the threshold has received a lot of consumer attention. From the structure, the insert core of hand lock can be divided into one and two kinds of fission. Points according to the material have stainless steel, zinc alloy, four kinds of pure copper and aluminum alloy. So what is the distinguishing feature of insert core of hand lock? To see the rich yu hardware below small make up to do detailed introduction.     What is the distinguishing feature of insert core of hand lock: & emsp;   1, design is rich & emsp;   Circulate on the market at present of insert core of hand lock not less than 1000 kinds of style, everyone according to their own needs can find like of the design, single from the aspects of design, insert core of hand lock manufacturer with more style, more complete, some manufacturers support custom service.     2, with long time & emsp;   Quality qualified inserted core of hand SuoZhengChang life in ten years or so, very durable. And insert core of hand lock every parts can match, means that if there are damaged, myself also can be replaced to repair, is very convenient and can save more expenses & emsp;   3, the structure stability & emsp;   Insert core of hand lock is made: lock, lock body, handles and panel of four parts, in order to keep a steady hand lock use for a long time, in the industry standards set by the state adopted in production, finished product can be corrosion resistant, resistant to oxidation, ensure indoor security.     Insert core of hand used primarily as interior door lock, its main characteristic lies in beautiful and guard against theft, when choosing suggest looking for normal manufacturer produces products, choose high quality core of hand lock, safeguard their rights.
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