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What kind of lock will people choose in life?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-04
It is understood that the cost of purchasing locks in general home decoration only accounts for 2-3% of the cost, although the proportion is very small, but it is a very important part. The price of locks in the general market is about 180 yuan, because the indoor door lock is not as demanding as the burglar proof door. Almost half of the consumers will choose the low-end products with the price below 7 yuan, and about three tenths will choose the locks with the price around 120 yuan. Only less than 20 percent of the people choose the high-end products with the price over 150 yuan. Many consumers go to the building materials market to buy Locks, mostly by feeling, they only care about whether the lock style matches their own door, compare the price of the same type of locks, but not many people pay attention to the brand and origin of locks. In our life, locks only account for a small part of our life, but this can not be ignored, because locks are related to our basic safety, so when we choose locks, we try to choose locks that are not easy to open by thieves with guaranteed quality, so our basic safety is also guaranteed.
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