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What kind of voice control does smart home need?

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-14
Although the voice function is not a new technology, it will turn the control of door locks, light bulbs, household appliances and other equipment into a word' Still pretty cool, google is doing well in this area. Google's smart home devices recently announced the integration of google's voice service system to provide users with voice services to operate Nest through mobile devices. When the user says the demand, the command will be sent through the Google card popped up by the application to let you know that your Nest is adjusting the temperature. However, google's voice control may not be the same as we thought. First of all, this kind of function is still limited. Although google's voice system's ability to recognize common languages has been completely expanded to Nest, what we can say or Nest thermostat can understand is still quite small, really talking to it is not so decent, not so smart. More importantly, this function is implemented through mobile devices, not directly to the Nest thermostat'You can finish it. In other words, this kind of voice control does not seem to be separated from smart phones or other mobile devices. In fact, Nest said in late June this year that Nest devices will be connected to some google applications, allowing Nest users to issue voice commands to google mobile applications and then complete the indoor temperature setting. Of course, google is not the only one who wants to do this, but also google's old rival Apple. Probably in early June, 20 days before Nest said Nest devices would connect some google applications, Apple did a similar move. Apple at WWDC (Apple Global Developer Conference) The smart home platform Homekit was launched on the Internet, hoping to cooperate with third-party hardware manufacturers, to enable users to use Apple's mobile phone to control smart door locks, thermostats, smart switches, smart cameras, smart sockets and other equipment. Crucially, Homekit also plans to integrate Apple's intelligent voice assistant siri to realize users' voice control over home devices and make smart home easier. Although Apple's voice-controlled smart home is more conceptual and has no practical value for the time being, its driving effect is still great. After Apple, not only did google have the idea of launching a smart home voice control method, but Microsoft also had plans to launch a smart home based on Cortana voice control. Earlier, foreign media reported that Microsoft's network engineering team in Asia is working hard to make China's WP8. 1 Cortana is more useful, adding intelligent home support'. However, similar to the other two, Microsoft's voice-controlled smart home is not mature. There is no denying the fact that smart home voice control is an improvement. At least we have one more choice. We can control some devices without touching the mobile phone screen. It looks simpler. However, is this really the voice control that smart homes need? The answer is No. Before voice control, many people regarded mobile phone APP control of smart home as tasteless and a pity to abandon'Chicken ribs'. In addition to remote monitoring, the mobile phone is more like a home device remote control. Although the control is strong, it has nothing to do with intelligence. Sometimes it will not bring the convenience required by the smart home, but it will be more troublesome. Originally, when we turned on the light, we had to go over and press the switch. Now, although we don't need people to move, we need to take out our mobile phone, turn on the software, find out the equipment, click control and other operations, it's not as simple as you think. In addition, for the elderly, the physical remote control is much better than the mobile phone control. Voice control by Hands'Change the mouth' However, what remains unchanged is that mobile phones or other mobile devices are still needed, not just opening their mouths, which may be too far from the situation of Iron Man. In Iron Man, the hero Tony · Stark's AI butler Jarvis, who has close to real wisdom, is obviously much more advanced. He can not only provide corresponding solutions according to the needs of the owner, but also chat with the owner', Gag'. Of course the iron man 'after all is sci-fi movie reality life half past one. Also difficult to achieve but voice control can more convenient or can look forward to. At present, the voice control is basically indirect control, which needs to be done by mobile phone, rather than directly by the device, but in fact we need to issue commands directly to the device to realize the control of the device. For example want to turn on the light the lights directly before the Lamp said: please turn on the Light'Or please turn off the lights' The light can be turned on or off on its own, instead of requiring us to give orders to the mobile phone to realize the voice control of the smart home through the voice function or voice assistant on the mobile phone. Compared with the use of the hand on the mobile phone to scratch, the voice control is undoubtedly closer to the real person, more natural, but the voice control should not be through the mobile phone, that is a problem'. This may be what Internet companies such as Google and Apple and internet of things companies such as IoT sensors need to solve in the process of voice control exploration.
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