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What methods of hand lock maintenance - Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-22
Every in and out of touch all kinds of hand lock, the human hand easy to secrete sweat, stick to a lock body surface, can cause corrosion to the lock body, time grew, hold hand lock will appear off paint, rub off, etc. , affect the use. What should a hand lock maintenance, need to pay attention to what aspects? Today's rich yu hardware small make up to and everybody to introduce in detail.     See indoor environment: if it is in during decorating, small make up suggest that owners' friends with plastic bags or dry cloth wrapped will lock body surface, so as not to paint or chemical erosion lock body in the air, if the lock is zinc alloy material of the hand, with the chemicals in the air, it is easy to appear white spot phenomenon, actually because of the zinc alloy surface caused by oxidation, encounter this kind of situation, spray wax on the spot, then wipe can solve.     Normal circumstances use: & emsp;   1, open closed softly, do not use to hit the door, this will not only damage on frame, easier to damage lock body, reduce the service life of the lock body & emsp;   2, keep the lock, lock tongue lubrication, regularly to lock inside pour into the right amount of graphite powder, insert the key, back and forth many times turn the lock, to fully into the graphite inside the lock body.     3, in rain or damp weather, it is recommended to use paper towel or dry cloth to wipe the surface of the lock body, lock body surface drying. Avoid by all means use detergent to clean the lock body, detergent containing certain chemicals, easy to cause corrosion to lock body, affect the use.     4, regular check hinge, hinges and other hardware accessories, if there is a corrosion phenomenon, should be timely treatment.     Believe you to look at the rich yu hardware small make up an introduction about a hand lock maintenance related issues, about how to maintain a certain understanding, rich yu hardware is an enterprise with 21 years of hand lock, professional for high-grade wooden door enterprises, direct manufacturers, quality assurance two years.
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