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What most people choose to NB smart locks

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-08
Why do we need NB smart locks? Why NB smart locks gradually become a public focus on products and gradually into people's homes? As the miniaturization of the family, social, our neighbors are probably don't know each other, is unlikely to be entrusted. Our friends and relatives live scattered everywhere, protect our family is our lock. Area of security, property administrator cannot recognize each person's identity, both long-term habitant in every community, there is also a short-term rent, live in such a complex environment, try to just by property management, closed management is not too realistic, also do not conform to the requirements of the socialized service, such as express delivery, delivery staff brought convenience for everyone, also brought the complexity of management. Strangers pass in and out frequently, always bring you uncomfortable, especially the neighbor's houses often strangers pass in and out, but everybody is worried about. And install a real NB smart lock, no matter what time, user can know the state of his house, is now a lot of the owner of the voice. NB smart lock development course from mechanization to electronic equipment is all equipment development path, the emergence of electronic lock for the hotel industry is of great significance, the hotel is able to manage a different guest check in house every day. Guests with a card is in at any time, without the need for a security guard or hotel service personnel to help him open the door, can use a card at any time such as cleaners and security guards open every door for cleaning or inspection. Electronic locks gradually accepted by the masses of customers in Europe and the us have the manufacturer of advanced consciousness also developed for domestic electronic lock. Gradually into the families. The lock mode from the IC card to the password, now unlock way more, face recognition, palmprint recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, and so on, no matter how many kinds of lock have way, is actually a way of electronic authentication. No communication function currently on the market the so-called smart locks, electronic lock is in fact, with our household refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning circuit board, such as far from intelligence, its essence is a kind of electronic lock. Around the year 2013, with the rent the apartment, the home stay facility such as rise in home, about how to improve customer experience with different needs, Internet + is a hot topic, mobile phone and check in with the demand of practitioner is a lot of home stay facility, the rise of the Internet intelligent door locks, door lock take WIFI Internet, bluetooth, zigbee, lora, and many other wireless communication way to connect, some 485, 433 and so on cable ways connection, solve the problem of network and communication equipment. Is a big step forward in electronic lock escalation, the background and equipment interconnection, preliminary with the element of intelligence. But because of the way of communication is safe is not stable, real-time performance is bad, the Internet and automatic control is not good. The electronic lock in recent years also gradually into the family, but because of the communication security problem, we are not willing to use the remote, and other functions. With the need of communication through the gateway, the communication is also very easy to block or cracking. A real smart locks, you need the following: in the various scenarios and reliable control, security in real-time communication, background interact with the device is simple, users can easily through the phone to interact with the device. One of the real-time communication is extremely important. To satisfy the equipment + + platform + APP is real smart lock. Intelligent lock is a system solution, rather than simply a device that can meet your demand for security services. NB smart lock using narrowband Internet communication technology, the communication network in 2018 completed three carriers and net, his features, low power consumption, wide coverage, high safety. Communication by the built-in lock lock NB card connected to the operator stations, with special channel to transmit information, don't need to have the network in the home, also need not mains, such external forces cannot destroy communication, to ensure that the lock can keep in touch with the user at any time. NB smart lock by terminal equipment safe and reliable, stable and real-time transmission communication, quick response of the background and the operation is simple APP, formed a complete set of system. Users can receive at any time through the system locks of all kinds of information, including anti hijacking alarm, crack passwords alarm, personnel to enter records, etc. , can also set the unlock password, mobile phone anytime and anywhere can more convenient in the management of distribution around the house.
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