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What pain points should Smart Home solve for users?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-01
Smart home is still in its infancy in the Chinese market. It is mainly characterized by tapping users' needs and building an ecosystem. The peak period of smart home development will appear after 2020, according to the '2015 China smart home market Special Research Report' released earlier, the smart home market will reach 180 billion yuan in 2018, and the following market will develop even more. However, at present, most smart home enterprises mainly produce smart items, such as smart switches, smart cameras, smart door locks, etc. There are still relatively few integrators with complete smart home systems and product solutions, the existence of mainstream products and systems in the market cannot fully solve the contradiction between the products themselves and the market demand. Therefore, the current smart home still has insufficient interconnection between products, insufficient system stability, high prices and no attention to user experience, the lack of unified standards in the market, the difficulty of home implementation and information security vulnerabilities are all painful problems. 1. The interconnection between products is not enough. At present, the single-product intelligent hardware created by numerous smart home companies and entrepreneurial teams has become popular. However, the information between these single items is single and fragmented, it is necessary to realize information integration through a unified cloud platform and data interaction to provide users with an overall intelligent solution for interconnection. 2. The stability of the system is insufficient. At present, due to the lack of data feedback from actual end users, many smart home manufacturers are still in the laboratory product Stage. In order to realize more gorgeous functions, A little bit of enthusiasm, ignoring the stability of the system. Therefore, the smart home service providers who have solved the problem of entering the home will seize the opportunity in the subsequent development and will make greater contributions to the development of smart home. 3, do not pay attention to the user experience, the current smart home system is too complicated, the operation is not humanized, the function is more but the practicality is insufficient, the user is just in contact with the smart home, such a cumbersome system will bring obstacles to the popularity of smart homes. The real smart home should be the interconnection, intercommunication and interaction between people and smart home devices' That is to say, smart home devices can communicate and communicate with people through human language or operation, with the help of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and this communication is simple and convenient. 4. The price is not close to the people, because the research and development cost of smart home is relatively high in the early stage, and many manufacturers have added flashy redundant functions, resulting in the high price of smart home, and these smart homes are more directly purchased by consumers. Consumers are bound to be very sensitive to prices. We urgently need to be user-oriented and improve technology as soon as possible, create smart home products that are more affordable and easier to use. 5. The standards of the smart home industry are not unified. The smart home industry is still in an era of chaos. All smart home manufacturers want to occupy the market and become standards, so it will take time to unify the standards, to be a leader in the industry. However, there will also be some smart home service providers to force compatibility with many smart home products in order to break through the end-user market as soon as possible, providing users with a better use experience. 6. Information security vulnerabilities smart home not only provides users with intelligent services, but also collects users' information data, which requires smart home manufacturers to ensure the safety of smart home equipment for consumers, avoid hackers invading users' lives. Whoever pays attention to the protection of users' privacy on the road of smart home development and avoids privacy disclosure will win the user market and develop better. 7. To solve the problem of smart home entry, the current smart home system will inevitably have the problem of line upgrading if it wants to enter the end user's home, in the current situation that smart homes are not popular, users may think about the necessity, and I think many users may choose to give up. Effectively solving the problem of smart home entry is also an imperative problem at present. If the smart home is implanted into the user's home during decoration, the user will enjoy the smart home unconsciously, it is not suitable for a good solution, so the current home improvement companies are trying to seize this market. Then the challenge of the rear-mounted market, there will be many new solutions, such as the current single-fire switch, which effectively solves the user's home line irregularities, convert non-intelligent switches into intelligent switches without transforming subscriber lines. Users have been looking forward to smart home for a long time. Smart home has also gathered a lot of smart solutions to solve the above problems. I believe that technology is developing rapidly. These problems are not problems, and the future has come, we will welcome it with full enthusiasm.
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