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What's the difference between Class A, class B

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-07
Problems to pay attention to when installing the anti-theft door lock (1) the a-lock can be opened in 10 seconds, so replace the ordinary a-lock with a bullet structure. It takes more than one minute for the technology to open, for example, the most common cross key. For experienced thieves, this lock is a virtual device, which can be opened in ten seconds. (2) The safety of class B lock is a little higher, or it is not reliable. Class B lock has a function of anti-theft on the basis of class a lock, with double rows of bullets. It takes more than 5 minutes for technical opening as the qualification standard. The key is single row with curve. Different from a-lock, there is a row of irregular lines on the key surface. However, illegal elements can easily unlock the lock with special tools. (3) Super-B Level C lock is very willful. It is not easy to open it. Super-B Level C lock is different from the first two lock making processes. The internal structure adopts anti-theft paddle. Of course, as an anti-theft expert, the safest lock cylinder of Yuema lock is to use such super-B and C-class lock cylinders. According to the monitoring of relevant departments, the standard is that the technology can not be opened or the technology can be opened for more than 270 minutes. The key is arranged in double rows plus a curve. If the lock cylinder is replaced, the risk of burglary can be greatly reduced.
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