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What should be paid attention to when changing

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-07
To change the lock of the anti-theft door, we usually don't pay attention to how much it costs to change the lock of the anti-theft door directly, but consider replacing it ourselves. It's not difficult to replace the lock cylinder. The key is to master several key points. First, take out the old lock cylinder. To take out the old lock cylinder, it is necessary to unscrew the screw under the handle panel and then unscrew the lock cylinder sleeve. Then install the new lock cylinder and cell. Pay attention that the screws for fixing the panel should not be too tight. In addition, when changing the lock of the anti-theft door, necessary tools must be prepared. If there is no tool, it is absolutely impossible to do it by yourself. So what does the tool for changing locks really need? Generally speaking, a screwdriver is necessary to unscrew a screw. The screws of the lock cylinder are usually cruciform, so it's OK to use the cruciform screws. In addition, if the lock cylinder cannot be taken out, a hammer is needed. In addition to preparing tools for changing locks, if you can't change them, you should consider hiring professionals. How much does it cost to design the anti-theft door to change locks? If you change the lock cylinder for the anti-theft door, you only need to pay for the lock cylinder, about 20 or 30 yuan. But if you need a professional to replace it, the price will be a little higher. So how much does the security door change lock in this case? From the perspective of market situation, although there is a certain price gap between regions, and the prices of different grades of lock cylinder are also different, but most of the replacement prices of lock cylinder are around 100 yuan, only excellent lock cylinder needs more than 200 yuan. In addition, when changing the lock of the anti-theft door, it is necessary to pay attention to that whether you change it by yourself or by professionals, you should try with the door open, otherwise it is likely to be closed at the door.
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