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What should I do if I can't open it?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-05
We can also try to open the lock ourselves first, so what should we do? In our daily life, we often forget to take the key or the door lock can't be opened, so we need to find the company to help. Let's get to know. First of all, if the security door unlocking company is a horn lock at home, the door lock can not be opened. It may be that the lock oblique tongue is off hook and there is a fault. At this time, the lock screw can be opened down, the lock tongue can be repaired, or the lock can be changed again and so on. Then the door lock can be opened. Another possibility is that when the lock is stuck with foreign matters, the handle or key is difficult to open. If the door is opened outwards, the door can be pulled inwards with force; if the door is opened inwards, the door can be pushed outwards with force, so as to reduce the clamping force and open the door easily. When the door lock can't be opened, don't panic first. Check the cause first and then deal with it. Secondly, if it is an auxiliary lock, it may be that the fixing screw of the lock tongue or handle oblique tongue is loose and protruding, and the door frame can not be opened if it is stuck. At this time, you can find a flat screwdriver and pull the protruding screw from the door seam back to the position. Hainan huangshifu lock Co., Ltd. is a regular company registered by 110 public security bureau. With rigorous production technology, outstanding quality and fashionable product appearance, it is well received by a wide range of customers! Since our establishment in 2005, we have trained a high-quality and efficient team. All employees not only strictly abide by the national laws and regulations and provide good service to customers, but also actively cooperate with the police in solving cases.
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