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What should I do if I lose my car key?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-03
There are two ways to deal with the lost auto key. One is to change the password and match another key to make the original key invalid; the other is to change the vehicle lock. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. In addition, it is more economical and convenient to have the key, but there are certain risks. The general cost is about 200-1200. Different cars have different costs. Luxury cars may cost five or six thousand. According to the different models, the maintenance station needs the owner to provide the 17 digit anti-theft password of the configuration key (this password is not the tooth number, which is usually provided to the owner when the new car is sold, and the owner is required to keep it properly). After obtaining the password, the maintenance station on the one hand configures the metal key for the owner (at this time, the owner needs to provide the tooth shape number. Without the tooth shape number, the owner needs to provide the valid certificate of the vehicle and the owner, and query the tooth shape number through the database). On the other hand, by modifying the computer parameters of the vehicle, the lost key is set as the illegal key (but this key can still open the vehicle Door, but unable to start the vehicle). So the disadvantage of doing this is that the valuables in the car are at risk of being stolen. It is safer to replace the lock of the whole vehicle, but the cost is higher. The overall replacement lock of an ordinary car of about 100000 yuan also costs 35000 yuan, which varies greatly according to different models. Please replace the vehicle lock at the maintenance station. According to the different models, the locks to be replaced are also different. Some models use the same key for the door of the luggage compartment, the door of the glove box and the fuel tank cover. At this time, if the vehicle lock is replaced, there will be more locks to be replaced
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