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What should I pay attention to when buying smart door locks for the elderly?

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-23
Seeing that the 11th holiday is approaching, many young people working outside will take advantage of the last seven days of this year to go home and enjoy themselves' Some, but going home empty-handed does not have much face, buy a door god' Smart Lock home has become the choice of many young people now. However, there are many kinds of intelligent locks. What kind of intelligent locks are more suitable for middle-aged and elderly people? What should we pay attention to when choosing intelligent locks for elders? Don't rely too much on fingerprint identification. Fingerprint identification is a very mature biometric technology, whether on smart locks or mobile phones. However, after years of erosion, the fingerprints of the elderly will not be very clear, and even the fingerprint head will not be able to accurately read the fingerprint feature points, resulting in the elderly's fingerprint recognition experience is not as good as that of young people. However, this does not mean that the fingerprint identification of the smart lock has no effect on the elderly, but only that the fingerprint of the elderly will be somewhat reduced in the success rate of unlocking. Even if fingerprint identification cannot be used, the intelligent lock will not only open the door, and other opening methods of the intelligent lock can be replaced'. The bracelet/swipe to unlock is more suitable. For the elderly, to get rid of the dependence on the key, swipe to open the door is a good transition. It is lighter than a key and easier to identify than a fingerprint. However, the disadvantages of card swiping/bracelet unlocking are also obvious. Most chips do not support anti-copy function. Mobile phones with NFC function can be easily copied, cards can be easily lost, bracelets are relatively better, and health tips will be given, however, the number of smart locks that open the door with a bracelet is relatively small, and attention should be paid when purchasing. The remote door opening function is not necessary. Many people want to be equipped with an intelligent lock for remote direct door opening to prevent the elderly from being unable to open the door in time when there is an accident at home. However, I think this depends on the distance. If young people are closer to their elders, they can choose to open the door remotely. If the distance is very far, then remote unlocking may increase troubles. When the elderly in the family have an emergency, if they are close, they can be more timely. However, children who are far away are very likely to open the door lock in panic, leaving people in the room directly facing unknown risks. Children will not be able to help at all because they are too far away, therefore, the function of remote door opening depends on the distance. After-sales is the most important thing. Compared with mechanical locks, intelligent locks have many more electronic components. Mechanical locks are more prone to problems due to their more precise structure, but now they have undergone constant structural changes and material changes, mechanical locks are already difficult to problem. The internal structure of the intelligent lock is more precise, and electronic components are more likely to malfunction, so after-sales is a problem that must not be ignored. Compared with mechanical locks, the maintenance of intelligent locks is also very difficult. If the old man unlocks the locks without permission, it is likely that there will be a tragedy similar to the movie 'Old cannon' in which Ferrari is scratched with cheap paint. Therefore, the necessity of after-sales is self-evident.
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