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What should we pay attention to when choosing

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-03
To choose a satisfactory fingerprint lock, first of all, we need to see whether the fingerprint lock has the function we want, and then we need to see whether it has excellent quality. Generally, good brands have many fingerprint locks with different prices to choose from, and they can also be divided into indoor door locks, entrance door locks, wooden door locks, iron door locks and other different categories. So, what should we pay attention to when choosing fingerprint lock? The most important thing for a good fingerprint lock is, of course, to have a good lock cylinder. No matter how advanced the lock is, its heart is the lock cylinder. According to the introduction of Xi'an lock, the fingerprint lock is usually equipped with super-B lock cylinder with high anti-theft coefficient, which ensures the security of fingerprint lock. When purchasing, you can observe the number of marbles and the number of deep and shallow gears of the equipped key. It's better to choose fingerprint lock with more marbles and more depth and depth. Because a family usually has many people, so a fingerprint lock must be able to identify multiple people's fingerprints at the same time, but it can also set a variety of different permissions, for example, in some families there are cleaners or nannies, and the permissions of these people can be distinguished from the permissions of family members. Secondly, when the household cleaners are relieved of their duties, they should be relieved of the right to open the door. Therefore, they must be able to add or remove someone's fingerprints at any time. In addition, it must have the function of password opening and mechanical key opening. Because fingerprint lock is controlled by electronic chip, when there is no failure, password or key will be used to open the door. If a burglar comes to pick up the lock at home and breaks the electronic part of the fingerprint lock, it also needs a key to open it. Therefore, when choosing fingerprint lock, we need to see whether there is a password or a mechanical key, in case of unprepared. Of course, we should try not to use the password function at ordinary times to avoid being stolen by others because of frequent use. Haikou unlocking Co., Ltd. is a professional Haikou unlocking company, which specializes in opening the locks of imported domestic vehicles such as Jaguar, BMW, Audi and Benz, and precisely configures the smart card of the key remote controller of the automobile chip. Our company provides 24-hour door-to-door service. Please show your valid certificate for unlocking. Our company takes 'good faith, high quality and satisfaction' as the tenet, takes 'good faith first, always let customers satisfied' as the management idea, establishes the complete marketing network, the perfect quality tracking and the high quality after-sales service system, the good reputation, the high quality, the low price, the fast and punctual delivery is our eternal commitment.
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