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What to pay attention to when using electronic door locks

by:FUYU lock     2021-09-01
Nowadays, more and more homes install electronic door locks, which are relatively more convenient, practical and smart. What should I pay attention to when using electronic door locks? The editor of Fuyu Electronic Lock will take everyone to understand it together. Electronic door lock refers to the use of programmable memory and data reading device, the key is difficult to copy. The precautions for use are: 1. After the electronic door lock is installed, the electronic door lock at this time cannot be used immediately. You must make the relevant settings for such a door lock before it can be used normally. For example, we can set the door lock system of the installation card to the password we need. By setting the number of the installation card and setting the clock of the relevant door lock, it will eventually become a complete management system before it can be used normally. . 2. After the electronic door lock management software enters the installation program, it is necessary to further set the related maintenance program. In fact, this is similar to what we said to write information on the maintenance card. At this time, pay attention to inserting it. Specify the door lock. If the inserted door lock is a non-designated door lock, this setting will actually have no effect. 3. Choose a professional leak-proof battery. For the battery used in the electronic door lock, remember that ordinary batteries cannot be used. Because the battery of the smart door lock has been in use for a long time, in case the internal battery leaks, the door lock will decay and directly threaten the safety of the family’s life and property. Especially in hot and humid weather, it is most likely to cause battery leakage.
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