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When buying an electronic smart lock, did you pay attention to its specific functions? -Media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-08-25
Electronic smart locks are very important on the basis of safety and stability. The reason is that traditional door locks can also be very safe and stable, and they are useless without smart functions. In this regard, the editor can be roughly divided into two aspects for the time being, namely basic functions and additional functions. Basic functions. From the perspective of intelligence, we are more inclined to use networking (connected to the cloud) as the starting point. After connecting to the Internet, the door lock will be controlled by a mobile phone. Of course, networking and networking are also different. On the basis of networking, there must be linkage (many door locks on the market can connect to WiFi and Bluetooth, which are actually just a single product). For example, Fuyu's door locks all support this type of function. When you open the door at night, the lights in the entrance will be turned on. When you go out during the day, you can turn off electrical equipment and open the security system while locking the door. Additional functions, since the lock, doorbell, cat's eye, etc. are all on the door, it also gives smart door locks more possibilities. Ideally, a single door lock can integrate functions such as door locks, smart doorbells, electronic peepholes, etc. WULIAN's network smart locks are just like this. In addition to the functions of the smart door lock itself, it is also the first to realize the integration of other devices. The advantage of this is to maximize the intelligent function of the smart door lock and bring a better life experience.
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