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When crime intelligence encounters 'big data'

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-02
On May 21-22, the Shandong provincial procuratorial organs comprehensively promoted the procuratorial information construction work conference held in Dongying and Zibo. The reporter learned from the meeting that in the face of recent years, the degree of intellectualization and concealment of duty crimes has become higher and higher, the society has higher and higher requirements for the quality, efficiency and transparency of judicial case handling. The procuratorial organs in our province will make big data'Cloud computing' And other modern technologies have been applied to handling cases, opening up the information procuratorial business'Mode. Not long ago, Linzi District, Zibo city, residents Lee a to Zibo city's procuratorate report village director bed a claim land expropriation compensation own have evidence but way far inconvenience again go home and get. With the help of the prosecutor, Li asked his family to take the relevant documents to the nearest office, and the prosecutor remotely extracted the image data through the inspection platform developed by the hospital. After the case was diverted to the anti-corruption department, the suspect Zhang was located through remote monitoring, and Zhang was quickly arrested and searched. Wei Yumin, the procurator-general of Zibo City Procuratorate, told the reporter that the duty crime investigation department of Zibo City Procuratorate used the system to carry out work such as real-time tracking and investigation, search, supervision of detention and long-distance interrogation, etc, this year, 78 cases of corruption and bribery, 28 cases of malfeasance and infringement, and more than 100 remote command and guidance searches have been investigated. Hearing Criminal suspects (Inquiry) The whole process of simultaneous recording and recording is a guarantee in recent years (Inquiry)Ask the necessary legal means. However, for many years, there have been problems such as insufficient technical personnel, low picture quality, and irregular interrogation behavior, which have been repeatedly criticized by the society. Now, this problem has been solved in Dongying city procuratorate. This system has'Push the door'Function. When the case-handling person opens the door of the interrogation room, the same recording function will be automatically activated. ' Hu Zhiyi, a staff member of the technical department of Dongying Procuratorate, said that the system also has the functions of remote management, remote command, remote supervision and remote application. By viewing transcripts, videos and case information, you can promptly notify and correct the irregular behavior of investigators. ' In 2014, Dongying city independently developed the same recording Management System. Since it was put into operation in last June, 98 pieces have been recorded for 860 times and 5336 hours. Lawyers have raised any objection to the handling of cases. In judicial cases, the articles involved are often damaged, lost and confused due to improper storage and irregular handover. The Dongying city procuratorate uses the Internet of Things technology to affix an electronic label to each item involved in the case, so that it always carries a unique identification from extraction, seizure, custody, transfer to transfer out of the warehouse, and court presentation'. When the item leaves the monitoring environment, the electronic tag will start the electronic monitoring system through the wireless radio frequency, synchronously take high-frequency photos, and implement the in and out control and status monitoring of the item. It is understood that our province is currently speeding up the construction of supporting environmental platforms, expanding the number of information source units and information categories, and building systems such as recording centers, public opinion monitoring, comprehensive analysis and judgment, in order to improve the awareness and ability of using investigation information to guide investigation and handling. In order to realize the immediate, procedural and systematic supervision and management of judicial acts, the procuratorial organs of our province are relying on the anti-corruption risk prevention and control system to build an information platform for internal supervision of judicial case handling, strengthen supervision and restriction on all aspects of judicial handling.
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