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When our unlocking method changes from a key to a fingerprint and a password, what are the differences between the two? -Media reports

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-14
Although the basic functions of smart locks and mechanical locks are for nursing homes, in fact, smart locks are different from mechanical locks in many places, except that the unlocking method that many people care about has changed from keys to fingerprints and passwords. The two anti-locking methods are also very different, but they can be roughly classified into the following two categories: There are more than one mechanical anti-locking schemes for mechanical smart locks, but the working principle is that at least one bolt cannot be opened from outside the door. . The more traditional method is to use a mechanical lock-independent lock tongue for reverse lock. There will be an independent knob under the panel of the smart lock room. Turning this knob will make a bolt pop out of the lock body. From the structural point of view, the mechanical reverse lock of the smart lock can only be controlled by the knob on the indoor panel and cannot be opened from the outside. It is a more traditional reverse lock solution. Since the electronic type is a smart lock, electronic operation is definitely indispensable, so that it will appear 'Bigger'. Then the smart lock also has a unique style on the anti-locking. For example, the anti-locking of the physical button requires a long press of a button to activate it, and there will be a relatively simple way to unlock it. The principle of this kind of anti-locking is also very simple, and all electronic unlocking methods outdoors are shielded through internal circuits. The electronic anti-lock of the smart lock, but compared to the button, the electronic anti-lock can also realize the anti-lock function controlled by the mobile phone. This kind of anti-lock greatly increases the usage scenarios for the user to turn on the anti-lock function. For example, when a child is alone at home, in addition to the child lock function that prevents the child from losing as much as possible, parents can also activate a one-key anti-lock outside the door, so that no outdoor method can be used to unlock the door, which guarantees the personal and property safety of the home. Electronic lock function of smart locks The security of smart locks cannot be ignored. Manufacturers have also designed many different forms of protection measures. Locking is a feature that is in high demand in China. Very few smart locks do not have the function of locking, but they are locked. The realization of the function form on the smart lock is not the same, so you must pay attention to it when purchasing and using it.
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