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When the door is equipped with a smart lock, the thief will collapse

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-14
Remember a joke that maxed out the circle of friends last year? Two robbers traveled thousands of miles to Hangzhou for the robbery, and they robbed three shops for only 1,700 yuan, which was not enough for the travel expenses. When the robber was arrested, he gave a dumbfounding reason, 'What's the matter with you people in Hangzhou! Why don't you bring cash'. They did not expect that Hangzhou has long entered the era of mobile payment, and it is really not easy to grab cash. The rapid development of science and technology is quietly changing people's living habits and quality of life. When your lifestyle is still stuck in yesterday, you don't know that other people's living standards have already left you a few blocks away. If your way of thinking does not iterate, then you will be as embarrassed as the robber above. Door locks are very important to every household, and they are your family's safety guarantee. After hundreds of years of development, the door lock industry has experienced the age of locksmiths, the age of industry, and the age of intelligence today. What kind of locks do you use for the front door of your house now? Can the door lock you use still keep your family safe? Generally, the locks on the market are divided into three levels, A-level locks, B-level locks, ultra-B-level locks or C-level locks. At present, 80% of the locks on the market are A-level locks. This kind of lock is very poor in destructive resistance. It will not exceed 30 seconds in front of a thief, and the opening time of a person who generally masters the unlocking technique will not exceed 1 minute. Class A locks are simple in structure, cheaper in price, and have poor safety factors. Many rural houses built by themselves use this kind of locks, as well as wooden doors or iron doors in old communities in cities and towns. This kind of lock can be opened in minutes with a tin foil tool, and it will not make a sound when opened at the same time. This kind of lock is the favorite of thieves. It can not only be opened instantly, but it will not break the lock and is not easy to be found. If your house is still a one-word key, you feel like you can change the lock! The key with both a marble slot and a milled slot is a Class B lock, and the safety factor is higher than that of the A lock. The tin foil tool can also be opened. Normally, it takes 30 minutes to open it. If the thief does not open it for more than 5 minutes, it can stop many thieves who are not good at learning skills. Here comes the point: what tragic thing will happen if a thief encounters a Fuyu smart lock? 1. Fuyu smart lock adopts super B-class anti-theft lock body, the lock core anti-technical opening time is not less than 270 minutes, the lock body is made of 304 stainless steel, as solid as a rock, windproof and anti-card, anti-pry and explosion-proof, two-way lock tongue, anti- Turn on. If it takes 3-4 hours for a thief to open a lock, it is estimated that the thief will collapse. There should be no such bold thief. 2. Intelligent security alarm system, when a thief stays outside your home for more than 2 minutes, Fuyu smart lock will automatically alarm. Scared also scared the thief to death. 3. Anti-hijacking and alarm without notice. Set the 'alarm finger' or 'alarm password' in advance. When you are in danger of being hijacked by criminals to open the door, use the 'alarm finger' or 'alarm password' to open the door, and your family will receive an alarm, which can help you immediately. , You can also see you being held captive through the camera, and remember the appearance of this gangster. 4. Anti-pick unlocking information alarm push, when a thief tries to pick the lock and break the door, Fuyu Smart Lock will push the message to the user's mobile phone to remind the user that a thief is trying to pry the lock and enter. 5. Anti-cat's eye theft function. When the hand is locked, the door cannot be opened without pressing the anti-cat's eye button for a long time, effectively preventing the door from being opened through the cat's eye. Thieves can no longer open the door through your cat's eye. Fuyu smart locks are made by 38 years of precision work. We are serious about the safety of smart locks. We will never give thieves and criminals a chance. We will protect the safety of your family and leave it to us.
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