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When you forget your key, please find a regular

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-06
Because there are more and more people who forget to take or lose their keys in their lives, there are a lot of lock companies emerging in the face of these consumer needs. It's very troublesome to lose the key. If it's a wardrobe or a suitcase, it's OK. Because it's not strong soon, you can open it with a little tool. If it's the key to the car or the room, it's very troublesome. Especially for the door, we need to find a lock company to open it. Moreover, the lock company is sensitive to business and belongs to a special industry. The audit of the lock keeper's information is often very strict. To prepare my ID card, real estate card or rental contract to prove that you are a resident of this house. If your real estate card is locked at home together, please ask the community property and neighbors to prove that you are a resident here. If you don't have any of these, and you're not familiar with your neighbors, you need to call the police at 110 to unlock the company under the supervision of the police. Such strictness is also the guarantee of people's life and property safety. In addition, in case the lock is changed as soon as possible after unlocking, if the key is lost, the hidden danger will be prevented. Because of the particularity of the unlocking company, it should be recorded in the Public Security Bureau and the industrial and commercial bureau. When looking for the unlocking company, it is necessary to find the regular one, carefully check various certificates, and make sure that the company has the qualification of unlocking and is responsible for the safety of itself and others. 24-hour customer service: if you have any questions about the security door lock of your home, please call master Huang to unlock the whole province service number 0898-66666119
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