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Where is the intelligence of Fuyu Smart Cloud Lock?

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-23
Locks range from mechanical locks to electronic locks to fingerprint locks to the latest smart locks. Smart locks are the latest locks. Let us carefully analyze the development of locks. Human beings lived in large groups regardless of each other. After the emergence of private property and the emergence of families, stronger enclosed houses, doors to prevent random entry and exit, and interposing door locks began to emerge. As early as 5,000 years ago, in the Yangshao cultural site in China, there were wooden locks installed on wooden frame buildings: the vast majority of indoor door locks in contemporary homes have not changed much in the past thousands of years, and safety depends on sophisticated and complicated The circlips and keys have high requirements for the locksmith and the person who has the key, and once the key is lost, it is very troublesome: until the emergence of the Da Vinci code lock, the complex and difficult to break locks can be opened without a key. NS. In fact, there is no essential difference between modern password locks. They only use the password electronically or rely on the memorized password to unlock the lock. The biggest drawback of the password lock is that once someone knows the password, they can open and exit at will like the owner without authorization. The rapid development of optoelectronic information technology has brought about a major change in locks that is biometrics. Iris recognition is currently very rare in the household field. In the early days, almost all biometric locks were light-sensitive fingerprint locks, which were added on the basis of traditional password locks. An optical scanning fingerprint recognition system similar to a punch card machine is used, but the accuracy of optical fingerprint recognition is slightly poor. It has a high error rate for the elderly, children and unclear fingerprints, and is easy to be deceived by fake fingerprints. In addition, the early fingerprint locks did not have a network alarm function. Demolition will be useless and the owner can understand it for the first time. Fuyu Tianyan smart cloud lock, cloud smart lock networking is of course necessary. Like most other smart home devices, 2.4G WIFI connection is required. If the connection is successful, the WIFI status is tested. The system message sent by the test means that the network configuration is successful. . The smart cloud lock interacts with the user. Real-time push door opening and closing conditions, and can intelligently take pictures, so that you can always grasp the situation of the door in and out. Fuyu smart door locks need 6 repetitions to add user fingerprints, which can further improve the fingerprint recognition efficiency (previously, the success rate of the optical module was only about 70%. Sometimes the pressing position was deviated and the password was not opened several times in a row. It happened that the neighbor was in Really embarrassed around...). Compared with the old generation fingerprint lock, how is it better? If you have not yet arrived home or are out of town, Fuyu Smart Cloud Lock can set a one-time temporary password for visiting relatives, friends or part-time workers through a small program, so you don't need to wait outside the door. With multiple unlocking methods and networked cloud intelligence, how to ensure security? It is standard to add virtual bits before and after password unlocking. Fingerprint locks are not a new development for many years. Encrypted security chips are relatively mature. Overlord lock body + security chips make unlocking technology almost impossible. Anti-breaking alarm is the first time. You can notify the owner, immediately call the police and rush home. In fact, it is much safer than traditional locks, because traditional locks cannot be discovered in time regardless of whether they are unlocked or broken. It happened that there was a screenshot when the first lock was checked. This causes the lock to sound an alarm, and the owner will receive a lock picking alarm via SMS and push notifications. In addition, compared to traditional locks and ordinary fingerprint password locks, you can set an alarm password or an alarm fingerprint. For example, I remember that 789110 is an alarm password, and the right thumb is set as an alarm fingerprint. Once someone is hijacked, you can force a request. To open the door, you can add 789100 to the virtual code or simply use your right thumb to open the lock. The door will still open without sounding the alarm, so that it will not disturb the crime, and although the door is opened, the person who set it before the first time will Receive push alerts and alert text messages, so that you can take timely measures to call the police and rush home. The appearance of Fuyu Smart Cloud Lock is simple and generous, the materials are sufficient, and the components are relatively neat. With the Bawang lock body and the heaven and earth hook, it is perfectly suitable for all kinds of reinforced anti-theft doors. It has been praised by the local professional unlocking and installing masters as a whole; the semiconductor fingerprint is very good. Sensitive, not only can the fingerprints of the elderly and children that cannot be recognized by optical be recognized smoothly, but also the accuracy rate is greatly improved. The success rate of my own with less than 70% success rate of optical fingerprints is now close to 100%, and the success rate of 9-year-old children is also 90%. % Above; The temporary authorization function is carefully set, not only can issue temporary passwords to visitors, but also can be used according to the time limit and period to set cleaning, cooking, and babysitters and aunts who take care of children. Non-authorized setting period is invalid; anti-breaking Demolition of functions such as triple alarm, alarm password and alarm fingerprint can be notified at the first time while protecting the safety of the family to the utmost extent, and adopt corresponding effective measures; The dynamics of the elderly and children are very helpful.
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