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Where to match the lost car key

by:FUYU lock     2020-02-28
The car key is lost ', which seems to happen rarely to ordinary people, but in real life, there are many careless car owners around us, often encounter the loss of the car key. The following study abroad network for you to introduce the car key lost how to do. How to deal with a lost car key - four situations 1. Friends' party, company entertainment, etc. This kind of situation is the most common. Usually, there are people who drink a lot after a party or dinner party. Then, unconsciously, they lose the key. (of course, it's much better now after drinking and driving ban). 2. Encounter robbery. This generally happens to women, because the object of bag snatching is mainly for women. In addition, it is not uncommon for people to sneak away from restaurants and other public places. 3. Leave it in the trunk or a certain position in the car. In this case, the car key has not been lost. Generally, this happens. The owner uses the key to open the trunk and take things, and then puts the key in it. After taking things, he closes the trunk door 'bang' without paying attention. Then he remembers that the key is still in the trunk. But it's too late. 4. Loss for unknown reasons. Anyway, the key is gone. I can't find it. As for what causes, the owner can't say. He can't think of anything if he wants to blow his head. Usually the car owner will look around, feel the skull, and murmur: 'strange, I used it when I was XX...'. No matter which of the above situations occurs, the owner must be quite anxious, especially when there is something urgent to deal with. First of all, he thought about whether there was a spare key at home or at work, asking friends or family for help. If you still have the key, you are lucky. Of course, if your car is out of town, you'll have to make a fuss. But if you don't have a spare key, it's a disaster (of course, the third situation above doesn't need to be too tense, as long as you find a professional locksmith to help you open it). I don't know who you should ask for help in this case. Who is your Savior? How to deal with it quickly and efficiently? 2. What to do if the car key is lost? What to do if the car key is lost? First, let's analyze the owner's mood at the moment. He must be in a hurry. The first thing he thinks about may be a 4S service station or a friend of his familiar garage; In addition, we call for help from service centers such as 110 or 114; in addition, some will call for help from our professional companies. Next, a comprehensive explanation of these ways of asking for help. (1) Find the 4S service station or repair shop A. if you lose your car key, find the 4S service station to help solve it. Usually the 4S store will tell you the following points: first, you drag the car over first; second, the cost of making the car key is: how much is the cost, how much is the labor cost, (according to the car model, it is hundreds of times larger, thousands of times larger, more good cars, need to replace the whole car engine computer, anti-theft computer, etc., which is even more terrible. )Third, it may take a week or a month. In a word, the characteristics of 4S service station are: time-consuming, laborious and expensive. B. If you find a garage, help out. The general garage doesn't do key service. Even if some of them can do it, they can only do very few ordinary models. Most of them can't solve the problem of key remote control. The reason is that, to do the job of car security key, the equipment and technical accessories needed are quite complex, and it is difficult to solve the problem without professional engagement in the industry. 2) Find Baidu or 110 or 114. If you ask for help at 110 or 114, you will go to the corresponding linkage center and inform the unlocking service company nearby or on duty. A professional will contact you immediately to help you solve the problem. However, in 110 and 114, there are many lock service companies linked, not all of which can solve the problem. Only a few are more professional. (3) Find a company if you find a company to solve, generally as long as the phone through, basically can find a solution. They can provide 24-hour door-to-door service, which saves the cost of trailers. In the case of losing all the keys, most of the cars can be handled in about two hours. If it's a fee, it's a lot cheaper than the 4S store. The characteristics of professional companies are: time saving, labor saving and money saving. Obviously, in the above ways, by contrast, finding a company to solve is one of the best and effective ways. Maybe, some friends may ask at this time, if the car key is lost and not done at the 4S service station, is it safe or not? To solve this problem, we have to start with the anti-theft principle of the car. At present, most cars have engine anti-theft locking system. The so-called engine anti-theft locking system is to install a set of anti-theft system for the motive, so even if the thieves can open the door, they can't drive the car. A typical engine anti-theft locking system works like this: the car ignition key is equipped with an electronic chip, and each chip is equipped with a fixed ID (equivalent to an identity number). Only when the ID of the key chip is consistent with the ID of one side of the engine can the car start. On the contrary, if not, the car will immediately cut off the circuit automatically, so that the engine can not start.
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