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Where to push the smart door lock for non-standard accommodation?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-03
Qunar launched a new product in January 23. Its newly launched non-standard accommodation brand, the first smart door lock, has been launched. The new functions of the door lock, such as omitting the check-in procedure and automatic alarm, have attracted much attention in the industry. According to reports, replacing the traditional key and room card with the intelligent door lock, the operator can generate the door opening password through the information management background, and no longer need to repeatedly communicate with the occupant about the arrival time, send the key and collect the key, let consumers stay more smoothly. However, consumers can also open the door directly with the App if they order through the calling App. Qi Xiuping, vice president of the intelligent accommodation division of Qunar, further introduced that the intelligent door lock has two important characteristics: first, it is easy to use, and consumers rely on the assigned one-person-one-password after booking online'Direct occupancy; The other is that all smart door locks are connected to the Internet and can be opened by mobile phone App or password. If you open the door too many times, the smart door lock will automatically alarm. In fact, the intelligent door lock, a high-tech product, has appeared in movies many times, while the intelligent door lock, which is the main product, has been developed and put into production since 2012, it is also regarded as an important part of the tourism ecosystem in the industry. Statistics show that compared with Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States smart locks in the civil Lock Market, China's share is only 2%, while 90% of South Korea's non-standard accommodation uses smart locks, with a high penetration rate. Experts expect that the next few years will be a rapid increase in China's smart lock market share.
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