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Which brand of good - hand lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-02-21
Hand lock is one of the products of wooden door, to ensure the safety of house property is necessary, close the door when the lock tongue automatically pop up, don't make a sound, quiet open, in the past, hold hand lock haven't time, use the wire in the home, or bolt fixed wooden door, the security ability is poor, not only in the long run, is also a lot of damage to the palm, whether open or close the door is a waste of time. So a hand lock of which brand is good?     From the brand, most people understand to the hand lock is not enough in-depth, can judge the quality of the products from the price. And a good hand lock is the understanding of the need to fully understand, from the brand, the price is not necessarily can be reflected. Flying, especially on the market a variety of a less known and inferior brand pick up dazzled. Holding hands with the fifth generation only mute lock technology, choice is very exquisite, corrosion resistant, wear resistant composite material, greatly extend the service life than the counterparts.     Hold hand lock of which brand is good, small make up recommend yu hardware, rich in the industry for 21 years research and development production experience, is a brand, for the dream for a long time day, beautiful heart wood supply, quality and reliable, to find rich yu hardware, big brand manufacturers, quality assurance for two years, offer free of charge.
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