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Which fingerprint smart lock is better than a mechanical lock

by:FUYU lock     2021-10-08
No matter what you do, you are talking about safety. Safety is the most concerned issue of everyone. Fingerprint smart locks and mechanical locks are receiving more and more attention because they are related to the life and property safety of users. The next question is: mechanical lock and smart lock, from a security point of view, which is better?   1. Fingerprint smart lock hardware comparison: the two are equivalent.  From the perspective of hardware, the lock cylinder is a key factor in determining the safety of mechanical locks. At present, the highest security level is the C-level lock cylinder. Consumers are fully aware of this, so they know that to better replace the lock, the lock cylinder must choose the C-level. This kind of smart lock is actually an upgrade of a mechanical lock. There are lock core, lock body, panel, handle and other parts. The difference is that smart locks have a variety of electronic hardware, such as biometric modules, main chips, circuit boards, and so on.  Because traditional hardware locks are very similar to mechanical locks, the security of smart locks and mechanical locks should be equal. Because mechanical locks can use C-level lock cylinders, and smart locks can also use C-level lock cylinders. Mechanical locks can use stainless steel lock bodies, smart locks can also be used; on the panel, the strength and hardness are actually not much different. Therefore, the potential safety hazards faced by smart locks and mechanical locks are technical opening and violent opening. However, technical unlocking is the first choice for thieves to commit crimes, because technical unlocking is their first choice, because technical unlocking is less destructive and does not take much action, so it is the cheapest and fastest method. And both smart locks and mechanical locks can use C-level lock cores, so when anti-opening, it can be said to be equivalent. Moreover, due to the loud noise, the door lock or the door lock needs to be opened, and it is easy to be discovered by neighbors. Therefore, whether it is a mechanical lock or a smart lock, brute force unlocking is not the best method for thieves.  2. Comparison of fingerprint smart lock software: smart lock.   With the development of home intelligence and the Internet of Things, smart locks have been docked with mobile phones. Therefore, the security-related smart lock may have new extensions. For example, tamper-proof, explosion-proof opening alarm technology. According to the latest industry standards of the Ministry of Public Security, network-based smart locks can realize online interaction of remote terminal unlocking information. The smart lock should be able to alarm the error generated on the body to prevent the alarm event record information from being transmitted to the remote end. In addition, there are also provisions for false alarms, including trial and error alarms for digital keys, PIN keys, biometric keys, and other identification methods. According to the requirements of the standard, if the number of errors entered for five consecutive minutes reaches the number specified in the manufacturer's document within five minutes (frequency range: 1-5), then the smart lock should be able to send out an alarm prompt or send an alarm message, and then start the automatic Input invalid state, and invalid input state should last at least 90s. Smart lock is not only equivalent to mechanical lock in terms of hardware security, but also because it can realize on-site and remote alarms, it has an extra layer of protection than mechanical locks in terms of security.  3. Comparison of the scalability of the fingerprint smart lock: the smart lock wins.   In fact, as a part of smart home and smart security, smart locks have been greatly expanded. For example, it can be connected to smart homes such as smart home appliances, smart audio and video, smart curtains, etc., and smart scenes such as automatic opening of door lights, curtains, and background music can be automatically opened. In terms of security, smart locks can also be connected to security products such as smart peepholes, smart video doorbells, and cameras. When the offender stays at the door for a long time, he can shoot it as a video or picture, and then transmit it to the user's mobile phone. In addition to linkage with other security products, there are also smart locks with peep-eye and vision functions. The lock can not only protect the door, but also remotely visible calls. It can also remotely speak to fugitives who attempt to open or destroy the lock. Play a deterrent effect.  Mechanical locks are still at the passive anti-theft level, and most smart locks have been upgraded to active anti-theft level.   We can clearly know how to choose a safe and reliable door lock. Everyone must always have enough understanding of new things in order to make better choices.
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