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Which focuses on aspects of intelligent lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-22

Choose a suitable and cost-effective intelligent lock to adjust measures to local conditions. Door to door is no must be strong, insurance, with the Ministry of Public Security certification of the best. Indoor intelligent room door lock is more pay attention to beautiful and convenient. Shut the bedroom door, living room, the door will not always often lock, can buy the switch times to ensure that the lower, and the intelligent lock, use frequency is higher, want to buy good quality, high industrial cabinet lock switch frequency to ensure the doorknob. Not the more complex structure of the lock is more expensive, double lock tongue is not necessarily more expensive than single tongue. Modern intelligent lock, its insurance coefficient is no direct relationship with the complexity of operating procedures. A reasonable design of the intelligent lock switch program should be be clear at a glance, easy to operation. In addition, also cannot ignore health factors. Such as toilet is suitable for the copper. Because stainless steel door look clean, but actually will be breeding ground for germs, bacteria in brass door relatively much less, because copper has the effect that kill bacteria. A. Switchgear lock function characteristics: integration of all metal cast steel shell, stainless steel surface treatment, electric cabinet lock is strong and durable. Using both fingerprints, password, open means, safe and reliable. Can be set up to 30 fingerprints key open intelligent lock. Single tongue lock. Easy installation and use. Using very large scale integrated circuit chips, is equipped with a full set of preparation and logout fingerprint application, simple operation. Fingerprint for cancellation can be treated, make its invalid, without replacement smart lock. In case of an emergency, also can use mechanical emergency open intelligent lock key. 2. Electronic smart lock: lock surface adopts the most advanced integration of cast steel structure, power distribution cabinet switch lock inside without artificial rivets and plastic parts, a special process to ensure that the intelligent room door lock is more durable, never loose, fully meets the public environment, damage resistance stronger.
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