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Which good - guangdong indoor door lock manufacturer Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-29
One of the main cities in guangdong has been the production of indoor door lock, a lot of stores on the market or project use locks are from guangdong restocked. As industrial informatization, greatly improve productivity, accelerate the indoor door lock industry competition, be copied, good product produced didn't take too long to stick a card. Even many small manufacturers to produce inferior products, to break the market at a lower price the bottom line, bad products into the market, not only caused great influence to consumers, but also to the guangdong indoor door lock factory caused great impact. Guangdong interior door manufacturer which good? Choose to have actual strength of manufacturer of the product, in terms of the quality of products with better protection.     Oneself is open, for example, wooden door factory, want to find the guangdong indoor door lock manufacturers to cooperate, what every time want to use the product, orders directly from the manufacturer, more convenient. But for the strength of the manufacturers, the condition is more various aspects not too clear, if you choose to have the manufacturer of the brand, we can get related information from the Internet, such as business qualifications, fixed number of year of the manufacturers, and so on. Guangdong interior door manufacturer which good, advised to choose a good product quality, reasonable price, considerate after-sales service, there is a market awareness.     Guangdong interior door manufacturer which good? You can judge from the following several aspects: & emsp;   1, look at the product materials & emsp;   High-quality materials used in indoor door lock, thickness and strength, in electroplating process meet the relevant national standard, such as using solid handle + oubiao more pure brass lock core + stainless steel lock body, heavy weight, high quality, this product is a good choice for customers, of course.     2, see processing & emsp;   High quality indoor door lock, processing fine, beautiful appearance, surface without sand holes, scratches, switch smoothly. And poor indoor door lock mostly use the spray paint process, use a year or so, can appear off paint, rub off, and so on and so forth, serious even can rust, handle the springback insensitive.     3, see appearance modelling & emsp;   Indoor door lock appearance modelling is a key link in the process of the customer to choose, rich yu hardware production of indoor door lock has multilayer electroplating film surface, the anodized not only wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and also to have certain effect on resistance to impact. So when the choice, try to choose the regular door lock manufacturers, choose open no noise, feel comfortable, and beautiful products.     4, product prices & emsp;   Under normal circumstances, the indoor door locks with good quality production costs are high, the price is high than bad. But from the technology and the use of raw materials is not bad products can compare, direct embodiment in service life, high quality can use 10 years, the use of inferior for two years, what is good or bad, a see. Therefore must not covet is cheap, in favor of the unqualified products, influence the later use.     Guangdong interior door manufacturer which good? Through the above steps detailed contrast, choose the conditions described above are manufacturers, so the indoor door lock factory is in conformity with the requirements, both have high quality products, with strong production strength, worthy of trust.
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