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Which is better - room door lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2021-01-06
Room door lock is the commonly used locks in the home, according to the lock and fission lock structure can be divided into an organic whole, common have contemporary and contracted style, Chinese style, European style; Use made of stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, pure copper, etc; If more minutes, according to the brand market went door lock brand not less than 1000 kinds. The door which is better, how to choose the appropriate lock? A lot of friends are not clear about this. In order to solve this problem, the rich yu hardware small make up collected some materials from the Internet, hope to be of help.     The door which is better: & emsp;   From brand choice: rich yu hardware owns three major brands of the couple, pastoral di, amber, from left to right in turn corresponds to high-grade, middle-grade, the low-grade, price range is complete, has more than 500 kinds of different styles, factory direct sales, wholesale prices, let the customer get more benefits. Using the R3 delaminating prevention technology, production of lock than peers with class to extend the service life for five years.     From structural choice: the above mentioned lock also have fission lock two locks and an organic whole, in the middle of the difference is that: fission lock separation by the panel and handle design, modelling concise, apply to the bedroom, study space, such as the one lock is exactly the opposite, handles and panel directly connected, the more traditional, rich in style.     From material selection: common lock material are stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum space, and four kinds of pure copper, but need to know is that the door every structure materials used are not the same, the lock core is recommended to use pure brass lock core, panel and select stainless steel panel, handle zinc alloy material choice, this kind of composite structure, high cost performance, with long time.     Lock which is better, rich yu hardware is a very good choice, style, reasonable price range, professional supply wooden door factory, hardcover room construction, 21 with production lines, monthly production of 600000, regular orders can be delivery in the day, the number is larger, a week delivery, quality assurance two years.
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