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Which Lock for Which Door? How to Choose the Right Lock

by:FUYU lock     2020-05-18

The first step in securing your home is determining the possible break in points. In general, front, back and side exterior doors as well as doors in between the house and the garage are the ones that need to be secured most. Although the door leading to the garage may seem like a regular inside door, many burglars will use the garage as a cover as they are breaking in to the house. Stay away from latch locks on exterior doors. Fit these doors with a deadlock (or deadbolt)- a lock that requires a key to turn the lock cylinder to an open position as opposed to a spring bolt lock which uses a spring to hold the lock in place and open through extracting the bolt with some kind of force. If you have glass on you doors or next to them it is easy for an intruder to break the glass and open the latch on these locks. Drilling a small hole in a wooden door with a latch lock can also be an easy way to release the latch. For these reasons, it is best to go for a lock which requires a unique key. It is important to note that most insurance companies require all exterior doors be fitted with these types of locks. Ask your locksmith whether the lock conform to BS3621 before installing. Remember, the rule of thumb is: The more difficult it is for a burglar to break in the more likely he will move on to the next place.                                

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