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Which smart electronic lock is the safest?

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-02
Nowadays, intelligent products are almost standard for modern people: the aunt who buys food will pay with a smartphone, the uncle who runs in the morning on the road wears a sports bracelet that records the heart rate, and the fitness fairy almost everyone has a body fat... …The more intelligent products at home, the stronger your ability to accept new things (including psychological and financial aspects). For example, smart toilets and water purifiers are not selected well, at most because they have a poor sense of use, so many people are still willing to try. The quality of smart locks is directly related to safety issues. Everyone said, 'I want to move but I don't dare to move Ah!' Is the smart lock safe? 1. The small black box event At the door expo held at the end of May this year, Ms. Wang from Hunan used a small plastic black box with a copper coil to open the smart locks of 8 brands on the spot. The fastest was only 3. second. There is no need to touch the lock at all, and no special technology is needed, and the lock can be easily unlocked like swiping a card. This mysterious little black box is essentially a Tesla coil formed by winding a copper wire around a 9V battery, and then connecting a triode and a resistor. After pressing the switch, the Tesla coil generates electromagnetic induction, which generates a high voltage impact on the internal chip of the smart lock. The lock will open after the chip crashes and restarts. According to the analysis of professionals, considering the cost, many low-cost smart locks lack a voltage regulator module. The core program does not protect the system restart function, nor does it have current overload short-circuit protection. When encountering a high-voltage strong current attack, it will be disarmed and surrendered. In theory, as long as you change the setting of unlocking after the door lock is restarted, the door lock can continue to lock after restarting to resist the small black box. As for how to enable the homeowner to successfully unlock the door after restarting, I hope the product manager of the relevant brand will think about it. 2. Accidents are all probabilistic events. Not to mention that smart locks are an emerging product. The quality of various brands on the market varies greatly. Even if it is a relatively mature product, no one dared to pack a ticket 100% without loopholes. After all, some loopholes did not surface before no one knew. Although there are vulnerabilities, they are relatively easy to patch. The product is developing in the constant patching of vulnerabilities. At the beginning of the little black box time, everyone's attention was attracted by opening a lock in 3 seconds, but in fact it takes a long time to open many other locks, and it may not be possible to open it. Later, when the quality inspection station used the small black box to test the door lock, the ratio of the small black box that could be opened was only one tenth, that is, 1 out of 10 openings. In other words, your lock is temporarily safe as long as it is more difficult to handle than the neighbor's lock. The small black box incident is the 'test stone' for smart lock products on the market. Those brands that have been opened will either recall the product to fix loopholes or be eliminated by the market. Of course, those brands that have withstood the test are of course bold and bold. It shows that the quality of its own products can withstand the test of a small black box in order to occupy a larger consumer market. Fuyu has now clarified. These parameters cannot be ignored. 1. Unlocking methods. Fingerprint and password unlocking are basic configurations. There are also some brand products that support remote unlocking by swiping magnetic cards and mobile phones. The need for multiple unlocking methods needs to be viewed dialectically. On the one hand, diversified unlocking methods provide homeowners with more unlocking methods. On the other hand, there are more channels for theft, and uncontrollable factors will increase. 1. Fingerprint unlocking The principle of fingerprint unlocking for mainstream products in the market is generally semiconductor identification or optical identification. Recognition rate: semiconductor recognition>optical recognitionAbrasion resistance: optical recognition>semiconductor recognition If there are patients with peeling fingers at home, or the elderly or children with unclear fingerprints, it is best to choose a lock with semiconductor recognition technology. Although it is easy to wear and needs to be replaced every few years, it is definitely worth it for safety. At the time of purchase, pay attention to whether the lock is a 'living fingerprint' to unlock the fingerprint film that can open the lock. You need to press your finger on the mold for at least 3 minutes to copy it, so the kind of transparent glue on the fingerprint lock in the TV series to take fingerprints The method simply doesn't work. As long as you do not deliberately let someone copy your fingerprints, it is impossible for others to unlock the lock through your fingerprints. 2. Password unlocking. Fingers rubbing and rubbing at the same place for a long time will inevitably leave traces. Others can know which keys you often use by observing the wear of your keyboard. Of course, you can guess the password by observing the wear of the password lock. It is recommended that you buy a smart lock that supports the 'virtual code' function. As long as you press a few more numbers before and after the correct code, you can avoid leaving special traces of wear. 2. The level of the lock core is even easier to unlock with technology, a strong lock The core is the key to theft prevention. The lock cylinder has three security levels: A-level, B-level, and super B-level (also called C-level), and the anti-theft performance increases sequentially. After a large number of investigations, it is concluded that 90% of thieves will give up if they fail to open the lock within 1-5 minutes. Whether it is a mechanical lock or a smart lock, it is recommended to use a super B-class lock cylinder with better anti-theft performance. Some unscrupulous manufacturers are equipped with fake ferrules that look like they have a lock. In fact, they have no defense function. It can be opened after breaking the shell. Remember that the intelligence of the smart lock is only reflected in the unlocking method. The security largely depends on the real anti-theft performance of the mechanical lock cylinder.
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