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Who can form the 'head brand' in the smart lock market'

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-05
With the development of society and economy, the improvement and popularization of Internet of Things technology, people's pursuit of home quality is getting higher and higher, and the demand for smart home systems is also getting stronger and stronger. Smart home has always been considered as a big wind and a small rain' However, the smart home market has enjoyed a strong momentum in recent years, maintaining an annual growth rate of 20%. It is estimated that the market size will exceed 290 billion yuan by 2021. In smart home, smart door lock has become an important category of PK for a single product, which can be said to be the first level of smart home items. Let's analyze the situation of smart door locks in today's market. In the past 2017, the smart lock industry can be said to have experienced a milestone development. Under the heat wave of unprecedented investment enthusiasm, various capitals have entered this field one after another. The number of brands has increased geometrically, at least a dozen companies have signed up for the image spokesperson at great expense, which has set off a spokesperson boom in the industry, and some companies have experienced years of accumulation and precipitation, finally, the opportunity for the outbreak came, not only hiring spokesmen, but also huge advertising investments such as CCTV, airports and high-speed railway stations, which have achieved huge brand advantages, performance has also doubled. According to statistics, there are 1129 smart lock enterprises and more than 2800 brands in the country. The Blue Ocean market for smart locks has been formed, and the formation of the current hot pattern of smart locks cannot be separated from three factors: market, policy and technology. From the perspective of urban development and urban resources, it is estimated that the proportion of rental housing in the future will exceed 50%. This special situation will speed up the demand for smart locks in existing rental housing and public rental housing and apartments. In China, only accommodation rooms, urban residential buildings, and corporate office space, the market potential demand for smart locks is extremely considerable, and the industry has invested in this big cake through sensitive market control'Fierce competition for smart locks'Battlefield. In addition, Internet of Things technology and artificial intelligence are constantly perpendicular to the application field, accelerating the development of intelligent locks. Smart Lock enterprises, relying on various black technologies, are constantly making efforts to solve consumers' consumption pain points. New technologies that are constantly iterating also frequently ignite the passion of consumption and industry competition. The difference between intelligent door lock and traditional mechanical lock is mainly in terms of user identification, safety and management. The former will be more intelligent. On the basis of fully ensuring safety, intelligent door locks should set up a complete set of security systems with other security products and access more home intelligent application scenarios. Now, the B- end market conditions such as enterprises, public space and hotels are mature, and intelligent scenes based on intelligent door locks and the like can be constructed. Consumers' C- end market related supporting facilities have entered the stage of improvement, more intelligent scenes are also slowly maturing. Compared with traditional home appliances and lock manufacturers, there are many more players in smart door locks this year, and identification is their strong point. Fingerprint identification has already existed, but the security has been greatly improved in recent years because of the development of smart phones. ' Zhang Dongsheng, CTO of Yunding technology, revealed that the fingerprint was an optical fingerprint and was imaged in 2D. If someone copied the fingerprint with paper, it could also unlock the lock. After iPhone4, a capacitive fingerprint appeared. Through static 3D imaging, later, innovations such as living body recognition and ultrasound appeared in smart phones. For the future of China's intelligent door lock industry, some simple reveries can be made. With the progress of technology, the continuous changes in the lockset industry and the decline in the price of smart locks, the smart lock civil market cannot be ignored. Safe and convenient smart locks will replace traditional mechanical locks and become the leading role in the civilian lockset market. The primary outbreak of intelligent door locks should occur in first-and second-tier cities. Subsequently, driven by the first and second tier cities, the third and fourth tier cities will also see explosive growth, thus greatly increasing the market penetration rate. Under optimistic circumstances, it is estimated that the total demand for smart door locks in China will reach about 32 million by 2020. Of course, such data is only on the most ideal optimistic premise. For the future development, in addition to the improvement of technology and the cultivation of the market, the construction of supporting services is also crucial, how to solve the pain points of consumers in the process of product service by using the process service method is the key to the healthy development of the industry. For the entire smart lock Industry, 2016 is the year of the wind' , 2017 is the year when capital intervenes in a large scale, and the crowd competes with each other. 2018 is the industry's tuyere period'Really come. Who can form a head brand' Benefit Segmentation market pattern, but also depends on the comprehensive strength of enterprises!
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