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Who said the smart lock is not safe, see what Beijing TV station says

by:FUYU lock     2019-12-21
With the continuous maturity and application of Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, as well as the continuous improvement of people's pursuit of quality of life, the smart home industry has sprung up. At the single product level, after intelligent routers, intelligent cameras and intelligent audio, intelligent door locks became the new darling of the market in 2017. Recently, the column 'who is saying' of the youth channel of Beijing TV station gave an in-depth report on the safety of smart locks, and the rumors of rubbing fingerprints, silicone fingerprints, face photos that can open the fingerprint lock and face recognition smart lock are experimentally proved, the results of the experiment severely hit those who used their heart to spread rumors in the face. According to the report, although many smart lock manufacturers in various communities are promoting smart locks and there are preferential notices for replacing smart locks everywhere, most residents said they do not know much about smart locks, the security of the smart lock is even more doubtful. User the most worry about of is smart lock problem after can't get into the house do? Of course, the worries of users are also reasonable. After all, their awareness of smart locks is not enough. According to the survey, 90% of users do not know which smart lock brands are on the market, nor do they know whether smart locks are reliable. What does this mean? This shows that although the smart lock industry has been very hot in recent years, and all kinds of hype have always emerged one after another, few enterprises have devoted themselves to the cultivation of the market and users. Moreover, all kinds of questions about smart locks on the Internet are always coming one after another, but no enterprise has responded or clarified the questions on the Internet from the perspective of industry development. Therefore, various online doubts about smart locks mislead consumers to some extent and seriously hinder the development of the smart lock industry and the popularization of the market. This time, Beijing TV conducted an experiment on unlocking fake fingerprints and face photos that people are most concerned about. The host first copied a fingerprint that had been entered into the fingerprint lock with ink pad, then cut off the excess along the edge, and then tried to unlock it with the copied fake fingerprint, after many experiments, the smart lock still cannot be opened. After the copied fingerprint failed to be opened, the host tried to open the smart lock by imitating the fingerprint model used in the Secret Service movie. The host first found a piece of wax, pressed his fingerprint after burning soft, then poured silicon glue, and finally added coagulant to form a very realistic fingerprint mold, but still could not open the smart lock. In response, professionals explained that most of the previous smart locks used optical fingerprint identification modules, which opened the smart locks after imaging comparison; However, most intelligent locks now use semiconductor fingerprint modules, and only the current generated after the living fingerprint skin Gully contacts the fingerprint module can be opened. Therefore, it is almost impossible for a fake fingerprint to open the semiconductor fingerprint lock. At the same time, the host also did some experiments on the problem that password unlocking is easy to be peeped. Industry insiders said that most smart locks on the market have the function of virtual password, that is to say, any number can be entered casually before entering the password, and then entering the correct password can also open the smart lock, thus avoiding the password from being peeked. Therefore, from these simple experiments, the TV host came to the conclusion that the intelligent lock on the market is safe and users can use it with confidence. Later, the host conducted an experiment on the lock of face recognition. The host took a photo of himself with his mobile phone on the lock with his own face information, then scanned it against the camera, and could not open it after repeated experiments. That is to say, the intelligent lock of face recognition is also a living body recognition, which can recognize the subtle dynamic expression of the face, and the photo cannot be opened. I don't know if those rumor mongers who spread the insecurity of smart locks on the internet feel burning pain after seeing such experiments by Beijing TV? Here, our smart lock person thanked Beijing TV station for coming out to give the smart lock a correct statement. We also believe that users will change their skepticism about smart locks after seeing the Beijing TV Station's 'Who is talking' program. However, we also want to remind users who want to buy smart locks: to buy smart locks, they must buy regular brands from regular channels, and they cannot buy smart locks with too low a price.
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