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by:FUYU lock     2020-10-29
Inside door lock factory direct wholesale indoor door lock is every family can meet in the life of a door lock, common stainless steel interior door locks, aluminum zinc alloy door locks, indoor space indoor door locks, indoor door lock manufacturers selling can keep costs to a minimum, eliminating the middle price segment, of course, need to ensure that the quantity is big enough, in general wooden door enterprises or projects will be directly to find manufacturers selling, can guarantee the quality, and can save cost.     Indoor door lock is relatively small in all hardware accessories, one of the simple. However, the role of interior door lock cannot be ignored, can better ensure the safety of the home. On the market of common indoor door lock, stainless steel door lock and aluminum alloy door lock is more common on the market, prices towards popularization, is not to say that their quality no good, but because the raw material is more, easy to obtain; Zinc alloy door lock belongs to the mid-range interior door lock, is a favorite of well-off family, after plating processing, can have a good anti-corrosion effect, a good lock can let home graces many. Pure copper door lock because its material is more expensive, this leads to the higher is the price of pure copper door lock, are popular with villa or house users.     Locks maintenance is very important thing. 1, at ordinary times don't hit the door closed, damage the lock body. 2, don't forget the drops of oil inside the keyhole, but the drops of oil easy to dust, door lock is easy to damage, if the door lock is dry, it can be put into some pencil ash can.     Interior door manufacturer direct wholesale website: http://www. zide360. com
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