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Wholesale prices - hand lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-08-15
Hold hand lock as the home of the common hardware, generally installed in all kinds of wooden door, such as: the bedroom door, study door, backstairs, etc. Door lock manufacturers cooperation object is usually a wooden door factory, in every region of the locks and wooden door, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit. A hand lock wholesale price, the problem for many wooden door factory customer wants to know, from the door factory direct purchase, wholesale price, reduce their operating costs, and manufacturers have diverse styles, more for wooden door in value.     Hand lock wholesale prices, each manufacturer is different, even the same type style, the price also has difference, this is set by the manufacturer, the factors that affect the wholesale prices are usually: purchasing quantity, hold hand lock materials, production process, lock body size, etc. , will, of course, some manufacturer freight into account, this according to the situation. Actually many clients worry that cooperation manufacturers give wholesale price is high, in the rich yu hardware doesn't exist, we are using the Internet direct quotation, same style, the same price and national unity.     Hand lock wholesale prices, rich yu hardware, for one, they are door lock manufacturers, wholesale price, generally in 20 - price Between 100, the price is the market retail price cheap, more than half from stock here is very affordable, now we have to supply more than 10000 wooden door factory, which has the beautiful heart wood door, wooden door dream day is our customer cooperation, powerful and cost effective.
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