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Wholesale - yellow bronze hand lock Fu yu hardware

by:FUYU lock     2020-12-20
Yellow bronze hand lock has been widely in recent years, many customers like it very much. From this level, whether it be for door lock manufacturers, or for wooden door factory is a good thing, yellow bronze hand lock wholesale, door factory for lock factory stock directly from the manufacturer replenish onr's stock, manufacturers have various styles, colors and more, the price is wholesale price, good and inexpensive.     Yellow bronze hand lock wholesale, from the perspective of manufacturer of hand lock, yellow bronze hand lock is just one of the very small category, generally locks after grinding and polishing, this link to electroplating, locks on the need to what kind of color can be chosen, yellow bronze, ivory white, are simple. But this is part of the custom, may some manufacturer have no stock and we need the customer wait for a period of time. As for technology and don't have to worry about more, modelling is a mold production, quality is the same.     Yellow bronze hand lock wholesale, rich yu hardware is specializing in the production of home use of hand lock, also is the wooden door of hand lock, we are the manufacturer, and has been operating in the industry of 21 years, had a hand lock more than 500 kinds of style, and every year there are new design is introduced. Customers care about the price, is a online offer, after the customer to choose good style, the price of the service, the price is unified ex-factory price, which customers are the same, very affordable.
The , essentially perfected by custom door lock, is one of the first home appliance to be widely distributed.
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