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Why are the enterprises entering the smart lock industry increasing day by day?

by:FUYU lock     2020-01-04
Under the upsurge of intelligence in all things, there are new players in the intelligent door lock industry' Entering the market, smart door locks, as home entrance products, are also an important part of the smart home field, so smart door locks have become an indispensable member of the market. According to the statistics of the global market, China, Europe, America, Japan and South Korea are by far the largest smart door lock markets in the world. At the same time, due to China's large population, there is still great development potential in the domestic smart door lock market, so whether it is a smart home enterprise at present, or Internet companies, traditional home appliance manufacturers, traditional lock manufacturers, emerging electronics manufacturers, etc. have launched fierce competition for the smart door lock market. More and more enterprises are entering the smart lock industry. What are the advantages of smart locks? Yangzi smart home Xiaobian has sorted out for you, please look down: first, the cost reduction with the maturity of artificial intelligence technology and the progress of sensor technology, the cost of intelligent hardware products is gradually decreasing, similarly, the cost of smart door locks is also decreasing. The smart door locks under 3000 on the market are only equivalent to the price of a mobile phone. Therefore, more people are willing to accept the purchase of smart door locks for security. Second, just need to install the door lock is a necessary option for the renovation of new houses and second-hand houses. According to the 2017 Internet home improvement User Insight Report, 62% of users willing to buy smart homes are 35 years old and under. This group of people is willing to pay for smart home products with high technology content' , And does not lack the ability to consume, but also gradually become the main force of smart home consumption. Third, the layout of the internet of things as a future trend industry, overseas giants are stepping up their layout. For example, Amazon spent US $1 billion to acquire Ring, a smart doorbell start-up, in March this year, although Ring's main business is intelligent doorbell, what it occupies behind it is the entrance value of users entering and leaving the house, which is consistent with the value of intelligent door lock, so the acquisition of Ring can bring more users and data to Amazon, expand its IoT ecosystem. Similarly, the domestic giant BAT is also laying out the internet of things in multiple scenes, and smart home is the most important part of the layout of the internet of things. As an important member of the smart home, in addition to the switch function, the smart door lock also has the function of recording user-related data and is integrated into the Internet of Things industry, and its application scenario value will be infinitely enlarged. The development potential of intelligent door locks enables giants to see broad market prospects, and the Internet of Things ecology laid out by many companies will expand more application scenarios in the industry in the future, through the deep cultivation of the industry and the integration of upstream and downstream resources, a more complete smart home ecology is formed.
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