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Why do most dry batteries for smart locks do not use lithium batteries?

by:FUYU lock     2021-11-12
Smart locks have been developed for more than ten years. At present, more than 90% of home smart locks on the market are powered by dry batteries. According to the manufacturer’s introduction, 8 dry batteries can be used for more than a year, and 4 dry batteries can be used for about 8 months. Said it is good and totally feasible. However, many lithium batteries appear on the market as power sources. Although this is not a new thing, it has existed for many years, and it has not become mainstream. Fuyu believes that there are several reasons: 1. Safety compared to dry batteries The advantages are obvious: the energy density is large, more power can be stored in the same volume, there is no memory effect, the cycle charge and discharge cycles are up to 500 times, and the charging speed is fast. Other advantages such as high working voltage and non-polluting are not obvious in the power supply of smart locks. However, the advantages of dry batteries (referred to here as AA alkaline batteries) are more obvious than lithium batteries. First of all, lithium batteries are easy to explode. This can be seen from the beginning of the use of lithium batteries in mobile phones to the various regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration to carry power banks, and there have indeed been many explosions of lithium batteries. In contrast, the safety of leakage is much higher. 2. Versatility Compared with AA batteries, the versatility of lithium batteries is much worse. I remember that in the old days when Nokia mobile phones were everywhere, almost every model of mobile phone had a different battery model, such as the code name 'BL-5C'. This phenomenon has not been fundamentally resolved on mobile phones. Even the 18650 battery with strong versatility on the lithium battery is very difficult for consumers to buy. Dry batteries can be bought in every grocery store and have a wider coverage. 3. Convenience The charging problem of lithium batteries is also obvious. Lithium batteries can be charged, so it is bound to consider the issue of charging. It is troublesome to use the power connection lock to supply power, and there is a danger of leakage. If you have a charger, you must also equip it with a corresponding charger. By the way: AA batteries can be thrown away when they are dead. There is no mercury in alkaline batteries, so they can be thrown away with household garbage.
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