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Why is master Huang's fingerprint lock safer than

by:FUYU     2020-02-28
1. Every biological 'key' can't be copied. Since it's called Chengdu fingerprint lock, it means that its key is everyone's fingerprint, and everyone knows that everyone's fingerprint is different, so after setting their own and their family's fingerprint as the biological key to open the door, each 'key' is different, and each 'key' can't be taken out to copy, so, Except for the person who has set the fingerprint, no one else can open the Chengdu fingerprint lock. While the ordinary anti-theft lock can be made according to the number of family members, it is also easy to copy other people's malicious use. 2. It has anti-skid and linkage alarm functions. Now, Chengdu fingerprint lock is one of the important links in smart home, including anti-skid function, In addition, it can also be connected with other smart home devices. In addition, it can also have the linkage alarm function. If the fingerprint lock in Chengdu is opened violently, the linkage device will trigger the alarm, which will not only sound the alarm, but also remind the owner of the alarm through the smart home device. However, these functions are not provided by ordinary anti-theft locks, so now using Chengdu fingerprint lock can better protect everyone's furniture safety. The above two points can fully show that Chengdu fingerprint lock is safer and more reliable than ordinary anti-theft lock. However, in order to obtain better use and anti-theft effect, we must choose high-quality Chengdu fingerprint lock for installation and use, because only excellent quality can ensure that all aspects of the performance of Chengdu fingerprint lock are impeccable.
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