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Why silent mute lock?

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-12
Mute lock is a mechanical locking device is controlled by relay, has now formed a variety of different structure of the series, including electric mortise lock ( The anode lock) And the cathode lock ( Electric lock mouth) , magnetic locks, electric control lock, etc. So you know why mute mute lock? 1, increase: increase the magnet structure, when the door is closed, the article magnets adsorb out automatically, have the function of locking. 2, reduce: cancel the leakage latch, reduce the friction locks the internal structure, and the original lock latch and door frame collision, block pieces of metal that is more quiet. 3, soft handle: do block which locks the door contact soft mute material handling, collision, composed door shutting replace noisy metal collision. Mute lock mute is mainly to share these points above, now you should know about mute lock more deeply.
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