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Why smart locks lock manufacturer popular?

by:FUYU lock     2020-07-10

Why smart locks lock manufacturer popular? First of all, the level of demand the basic function of intelligent locks have intelligent lock. Can pass without the key method ( Such as fingerprint, password and even face scans) To unlock, thus greatly solve the current user 'key question'. Intelligent lock also has some intelligence operation, such as remote to open the door and the temporary password, it also provides users with more convenient way of family management. Iot lock has become has strict requirements and highly user general intelligent household products. Second, safety as the first level of home security, its product safety performance has undoubtedly become the most noteworthy link. Mixed with market brands and quality compared to the traditional intelligent door locks, iot blue river lock appears more safety in front of consumers, high-end, more intelligent. 3. User identification as intelligent household 'entry level' products, intelligent lock has a unique advantage. The advantage is that identify the identity of the user. In short, when a user solution to lock the door in an action, the smart home system can accurately understand the user's identity, to open the mode matching with the user's personalized scene. Fourth, the expansion of the Internet of things is different from ordinary smart locks, iot locks have built-in plugin gateway, the gateway can realize unlocking linkage, lights, curtains, air conditioning, etc. , and highly intelligent household system matching. In the implementation process of this kind of link, it is even more sensitive, and eliminates the tedious forms such as mobile phone control and voice interaction, so as to complete the implementation of the scene.
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