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Why to replace the C-level anti-theft lock cylinder

by:FUYU lock     2020-03-04
Recently, there are more and more people replacing C-class lock cylinder all over the country. Why? Because they realized the importance of replacing a C-level anti-theft lock. Home is our safe shelter, and lock is the God of protection. A c-lock is only three or four hundred yuan, but it can ensure the safety of our family and greatly reduce the rate of theft. One day it costs more than one yuan. We can guarantee the safety of our family by smoking less cigarettes and drinking less wine. In addition, the service life of a good lock is more than one year. When a thief is stealing, the shorter the time to unlock the lock, the better. Then I often say to my friends: you don't need to run faster than a tiger, you just need to run faster than your counterpart. As soon as thieves look at the door lock, there are old-fashioned locks that can be opened quickly, and super-B locks that can't be opened technically. Of course, they will abandon the hard and easy, and start from the old-fashioned doors that can be opened quickly. Maybe we can upgrade the lock cylinder once to protect our whole family from the damage of property and life safety. A lot of people say that there is nothing in my family. I don't need to change it. I'm not afraid of it. Wrong, this kind of idea is a big mistake. The real property loss is several and can be recovered. Once the thief enters our home, he will take something casually, which is not only several hundred yuan, but also will cause great harm to our soul. Some thieves steal money, but it's OK to say that if they don't steal money, they will damage things. Even if they wait for the owner at home, they come back to rob and ask for the bank card password. Rape and murder, these cases believe that we have seen a lot in newspapers and TV. Then who knows that these tragedies are only caused by the absence of a security lock that can really protect the safety of the home? If we had known that they would change locks, how many people would have regretted it. Because the damage and pain to us and our relatives will never be recovered. Do you have a business trip while your wife and children are at home? Have you ever thought about giving them more security in your absence? It's impossible for your family to keep people 24 hours a day. Can you give more protection to your valuable property? Have you ever thought of sending a safe lock to your elders when they are still equipped with a-lock that is easy to be stolen? This is the greatest care, and love. [safety level of lock cylinder] class A: prevent technical unlocking for no less than 1 minute. The main object of tin paper unlocking is class a lock at home. It is strongly recommended to replace it!!! Level B: prevent technical unlocking for no less than 5 minutes. Level B lock is relatively safe, but it is also not a problem for thieves!!! Class C: 5A double side column series lock cylinder adopts double side blade double side column locking technology, which has a significant improvement in anti technology and anti violent opening ability; its key uses 12 toothflower four level change keys with a high number of 16.770.000 groups, and the mutual opening rate is almost zero; 12 blade double side internal milling teeth, which adopts Mercedes Benz car key technology to manufacture high precision and hard to copy!!
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