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Why You Should Always Lock The Door

by:FUYU lock     2020-05-20
Travelling does indeed broaden the mind and open doors yet I must tell you why you should always lock the door. I'm not talking about every single door in life but there is one important one. I find this particular type of door open or rather unlocked on too many occasions on my travels. Whether it is in airports, shopping centres or any public place. It is probably the one door you most definitely want to lock. In fact it is a door which I am very nervous about if I am unable to lock it. What I am talking about is the toilet cubicle door! I've lost count of the numerous times I've been to use the airport facilities and pushed a cubicle door open. There in all their glory is a bloke or young boy sat in total embarrassment staring up at me. Some look in horror, some in anger. As if it is my fault that you didn't look the flaming door! Idiots. The other scenario is pushing the door only to find it blocked half way to being opened. This is greeted with an 'Oomph' or 'Ouch' sound from a rather annoyed pooh-er. Seriously, this is why you should always lock the door. I'm sure that you've all come across this scenario whether you've used the Gents or the Ladies. There is actually something which annoys me more than this, well two things about public toilets. The first is the people who don't wash their hands, filthy rats! The second is a scenario I encounter when on the other side of the door, which I've locked. I first came across this in Asia however I now see it happen quite a few times in the US. It tends to be Asian or Hispanics who I've seen do this although the odd Caucasian is guilty too. It happens when all the cubicles are engaged or should I say occupied. The first time I encountered this was a few years ago in a Singapore Airport public convenience minding my own business (or should that be doing my own business?) And there it was, a knock on the flaming door! What, a knock? Why would someone knock on the door when it is clearly locked and someone is busy. What do you want me to do, say 'Come in'? How can people be so rude? I'm in here for a reason and not to lounge around. I'm in here because I have to be, not to dawdle or waste some time. Plus, why is your need far more important than mine? Do you really think I'll put my bowels on hold whilst you can pop in and have your moment? I remember being in a shopping centre in the US when all the cubicles were occupied, in fact so were all the urinals. Then in walked an Asian guy. Without hesitating he walked up and in turn knocked on every single cubicle door! No discrimination he just picked on them all. I was fuming inside at his arrogance. I was in a pretty foul mood at the time and if I'd been inside one of the cubicles I'm sure I would have screamed out 'What?' Okay maybe because I'm British I'm used to queuing and waiting my turn, irrespective of the call of nature. I don't know if this habit is a cultural thing but it drives me mad. So I can sum up in three reasons why you should always lock the door. Firstly you don't want to be embarrassed whilst sat on the loo, second you don't want a door to suddenly whack you in the face. Thirdly you can peeve off those annoying door knockers.
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